Household plans

So, to give you an idea of our housing situation, we live in a small 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment that is just a mere 650 sq ft. With two animals. And a BUNCH of stuff. And its not clutter, because we are oddly neat people. Its simply Mr soon-to-be GAJeep has lost his mother already & many of the items are things he has inherited. He & his mom are estranged from half the family and so it has become his, and thus my, duty to keep alive half of a family history. Plus the blue hutch is gorgeous! I really love it.

Anyway, I’m getting antsy to say the least and so last night my loving fiance spent an hour plus measuring items & working with me so that we can re-arrange our house into a beautiful new layout. It starts with the bedroom tonight & excites me a retarded amount.
I’ll have to take before & after pics tonight. And then i’ll do the same for the living room tomorrow. 🙂

And I’m going to take pics of our lovely wedding adventure while in Macon too. YAY pictures!


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