wedding planning update

Wow – so I havent been on in far to long. Just to quickly re-cap, I left off with plans to re-arrange our apartment. HA! Nothing fit where it was supposed to so now our apartment is one big jumbled mess. We are however, houseshopping. We are saving up money, paying down some items, with the full intent to purchase a house around October. How exactly we are supposed to do this, I am still not 100% sure as Alex’s car insurance went up. Amazingly he doesnt seem to know how, but given the speeding ticket we paid a month or so ago I am personally amazed by his cluelessness.

Wedding plans: Its all booked, except a florist. I have made an executive decision regarding flowers. We are going silk for all decor. Its a quarter of the price of real, they wont die – I can sell them on ebay if need be for more $$. So we have decided to find out cost for the wedding party flowers from the same florist who did my brother’s funeral. Creepy, but I know they do good work, meet very unusual requests (we requested the ocean out of flowers for goodness sake) with skill & talent, and are reasonably priced. Plus they’ll deliver. All in all, they serve our needs best.

I’ve also managed to find a way to pay off this year, ready for it, $5000 in debt. 2k mine, 2k Alex’s and 1k joint. Absolutely amazing. All this while saving for a house AND wedding costs, including the honeymoon. I know its rude & crass & all in all the hoped for but not spoken about portion of a wedding, but we hope for monetary gifts. Only because we can buy a big screen t.v. later, we dont really need that cake decorating set or a lot of the material items. Money, money we can use to pay off debt, walk into this marriage 100% debt free & then be able to purchase a house. That is just an absolutely amazing feeling.

So that is my update. I’ll be back with more later.


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