learning curves

So Alex and I are still in that “new couple” phase, not because of time known. Though many might consider the fact that we’ve only been date 1.5 yrs at this point very little. No, its because we are moving into a new phase of life.

As I see it, each time you enter a new phase i.e. dating, ‘going steady’, engagement, marriage, babies (OMG cant think of this yet), etc you enter a learning curve with your significant other. Alex and I are still learning…probably always will be … about each other. Last night was just yet another example.

I must admit, I’ve just learned to drive a shift stick vehicle. Yes I am almost 25 and just now learned to drive a manual. Saturday was my first venture, on back country roads, alone. So last night I, in my eagerness over of the fact that I CAN drive the jeep, state I’ll drive to home depot. Lo & behold the entire way there Alex gives me “pointers.” Let me just say, when a child first learns to ride a bike and shows you how well they can do it, do you state things like “wonderful but lean forward more” or “well thats good but you should brake like this.” Of course not, you applaud and then enter these tips in to future forays out into the world together. Alex…heaps lessons on you in bulk hoping, I guess, to pass his skill and knowledge through osmosis?

Now then, taking all this into consideration, adding on the Alex is a man…shopping with me, and the fact that we both can be obstinate and have attitudes and you can imagine the conversations. We swung from “jeez if you have such an idiotic issue with me driving why did you let me drive and even teach me to drive your jeep!?!” to “well why didnt you look up pricing online punkin” to “hold my damn hand” (we’re terribly romantic arent we?)

All of this ended with a mini-foray through a house we are looking at and compliments to one another. We are def still learning.


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