Married Life…What’s the big deal?

We’ve been married for going on three weeks now & the most common question I receive is “how is married life treating you?” Now, I know that this question is asked with love & care, but how does one respond? Do I sound positive and go “Great!” like the infamous Tony the Tiger, or do I respond honestly and state that it’s not any different than life before marriage? It’s a quandary to be sure.

I think the most stated difference is the lack of wedding stress, thus leading to a calmer household. I’m more relaxed about “boys’ night out” and he’s less stressed about me being stressed about imaginative things. That and we both get to wear our wedding bands. Still, all in all – it’s good. It’s nice to have Alex call me his wife . . . because he had a hard time with the girlfriend to fiancé switch. Wife he’s great at.

The next goal we have now is to purchase a home. We’re moving right along on that goal, it’s really only a matter of months which is truly exciting. Plus we’ve been able to find a furniture set that we both truly like which is great, because you can bet as soon as we have that house I’m getting us new couches, living room furniture, dining room furniture, and bedroom furniture. Probably in stages starting with the bed, dining room set up, and living room tables. Followed by the dresser/nightstands & couches. I really hate living in a hodgepodge like we do now. It will be beautiful though, that I can promise.


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