3 plus months

Well married life is just swinging right along. Its a roller coaster to be sure, but for the most part we are having fun. We finally found a house & have it under contract. Now we are just completing all those fun little steps that are necessary according to the bank, the agent, and everyone else under the sun. 🙂

Christmas was wonderful this year, Alex did an amazing job at gifts. I think I got every single item on my list! I’m so happy that he was able to get me the charm bracelet though. Really, that is my favorite gift because its something he can add to for years & that I can make as personal as I want. So far I have two honeymoon charms & a personalized heart from Alex. I wish I had more to share now, but we are kind of boring. I hope to get pics of the house soon (probably Monday) and I will post them. Until then.  . . enjoy life!


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