2010 is just on the horizon

Who would have believed that this year would just fly by! In 2009 Alex and I got married, and it through him WAY off when I got a letter addressed to Mrs. Lee. HAHA. We’ve put a home under contract, we’ve paid off major debt to do so, and taken a lovely vacation together. We’ve also had storms….the texting is still a major issue. We’re working on that, but for now it remains a challenge.

Alex’s job remains a constant stress because every single time we try to take a weekend together they yank him in to work. Its an amazement to me that we managed a honeymoon and to pull off Christmas eve with the in-laws. Speaking of Christmas, he did a wonderful job this year. Kudos to my momma for working with him to obtain something for me rather than the trashcan I hear he had planned. πŸ˜€ Its definitely been a learning curve with in-laws. We have a strong set of differences and are very vocal in those differences at time. I try to not pull Alex in one way or another, but there are times when I do look at him and say its time to go. I don’t sense that feeling from him regarding my family, but he is notoriously grand at hiding his feelings from me. Still we are each learning, and given its only been 3.5 months since we got married I think we are allowed mistakes. πŸ™‚

Things to look forward to in 2010:
We have this amazing house that I am absolutely elated about. πŸ™‚ We are already starting to “shop” for furniture. I.E. we are window shopping. I have found several pieces that I think would work wonderfully, but also realize that we need to wait for a budget.

Alex’s potential new job. Not only will this job provide a better salary and better hours, but it will also reduce stress (hopefully) and allow him to train for a better future.

Trip back to Disney! We want to go for our first anniversary, but we may adjust the time to account for our good friends’ wedding in October. The plans will be made closer to spring once we’ve received the Save-The-Date card and have that silly budget thing we are talking about.

Finally – a church. We are seeking, slowly, a church home for our needs. There is very little out there for young, married, adults without children. While we want children in the future, that time is not going to happen for at least another year or two. So the search will continue until we find that perfect “home.”

I think that covers everything for now, but if not check my facebook or I’ll post another post to the blog. Either way, live a happy life.


2 responses to “2010 is just on the horizon

  1. Glad to see you have so much to look forward to in 2010! Keep your eyes focused ahead and you will find what you need.

  2. Thank you and that is our goal. πŸ™‚ Now to keep my eyes off those shiny new shoes!