Getting to know you….

Getting to know all about you!!!!! (I promise my singing doesn’t sound like a bullfrog)

I promise to have a much more compelling post up here either today or tomorrow, but in the mean time I thought we should get to know one another. And what better way is it to do that than by filling out a random questionnaire! So here are my answers, please reply with yours in the comments. 🙂

I am: trying to blog about interesting things!

I think: happiness is laying in the hammock with my husband.

I know: that I am loved. (Thanks Cowboy!)

I have: major control issues. Like seriously.

I wish: I had more shoes (what? I’m a girl!)

I hate: a low bank account. (note the control issues above)

I miss: my brother. RIP Matthew!

I fear: BUGS!!!!!!!! And being lonely, but that might be kinda deep for you.

I hear: the typing of my keypad.

I smell: bacon? Why on earth do I smell bacon????

I crave: ICE CREAM. (which considering I cant stand the stuff is starting to make my husband wonder if I might just be pregnant)

I search: for new blogs all the time!

I wonder: where my life will be in 5, 10, 15, 20, etc years. (control issues)

I regret: not telling my little brother I love you enough before he died. And not going out for ice cream last night. Now I really want some chocolate chunk.

I love: books. OMG Books and I have an on-going affair.

I ache: in my back. Yard work has bugs…and can be painful. Thank goodness I got a husband for all that!

I am not: Audrey Hepburn. I am more like Minnie Pearl (Howww-DEEEEE!!!!) Her hat was cute!

I believe: in myself.

I dance: everywhere. The commuters in Atlanta must love me. I entertain them daily with 2 shows per day.

I sing: to my husband, my cats, myself, and mostly for no good reason at all.

I cry: when I get stressed. (I really got to work on these control issues)

I fight: for what I believe in.

I lose: at all sports. Do not play me in sports. You’ll get bored.

I win: at . . . . ??? I don’t know.

I never: understood why people out there want to traipse around in swamps for FUN?

I always: want hugs from my husband. (except when he has just finished mowing the lawn.)

I confuse: myself sometimes. My brain just moves too fast.

I listen: to my dad for advice on everything. I am his pumpkin!

I am scared: of being broke. Of losing our financial feet. Of losing our house….money terrifies me. To bad I’m the one who is good at it and demands to be in control (who woulda thunk it?)

I need: my books. They relax me.

I am happy about: my brand new furniture! (Yay for being a grown-up!)

I can usually be found: at home.


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