Oh IRS, How I love thee….this week.

I love the IRS. There, that is the only time you will ever EVER hear me say that. Well write it anyway.

You see, Alex & I recently bought our first house. This was a whopping six months into our marriage, a whopping 18 months into knowing one another, and 15 months of living together. Can we say Fast Track anyone? Yet, it was all perfect for us. Now in this time, we have also paid off $4000 worth of debt while SAVING $5000 for the home purchase process, and at the same time living on a very frugal budget. This you would think would have provided us PLENTY of time to get to know one another’s spending habits.

Enter the IRS First Time Home Buyers Credit. It was a small check in relative size, but oh the Zero’s. How they whispered to us like sweet sweet temptation.

Spend me on Food, Clothes, Jeep parts, vacations, and more!”

“No!” says I, “We must pay off the credit card of which we are paying RIDICULOUS interest rates on and pay off that fun, wonderful, damn I want to go back¸ honeymoon of ours! We will pay all of our credit cards back and keep some fun money as a reward for doing SUCH a good job.”

And then the ball drops. . . .

Alex looks at me, then at the check, then at all of our bank records, and finally back at the check. “I think we shouldn’t spend any of the extra. We should just save it.”

Excuse me? Who is this man that has obviously replaced my husband? The husband who thinks absolutely nothing of pay $3 for a Pepsi and moon-pie from the gas station because he doesn’t like the snack we purchased at the grocery store for him. The same husband who (I love you dear, please don’t kill me for sharing this) before I started handling all the money had overdraft fees 6 or 7 times per month! So forgive the obvious confusion when I had a brief moment to think to myself, “Oh wow. I’ve finally got the man trained!”

So I go into work, where we have internet because hey recent move led to a change in ALL service providers and there start up costs are ridiculous. I do exactly as my husband has suggested. I pay off everything we agreed to, move money around, and go home excited to tell him about it. Only to hear the following:

“I think I want a grill or maybe those seals for my jeep or maybe a small vacation to the cabins for my birthday next week.”

And so it begins, hey at least I know that he’s learning. And for that matter, so am I. I’m learning that I do not have to be overly obsessive and controlling about our money because he keeps me in check in actually enjoying this money. I keep him in check and in the black with regards to our account balance. So excuse me please, I need to go purchase a grill for Alex’s birthday. Shhh don’t tell.


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