A Man and His Grill

Hello to the InterWebs!! I know people are looking, I just hope people are enjoying my blog. I strongly encourage comments otherwise I am pretty sure Alex will really start thinking I am talking to the voices in my head. And that won’t be good. 😛

So this blog was originally going to be all about my wonderful, sweet, adoring, mechanically inclined stud-muffin of a husband. Hello Family – you embarrassed yet? I get much worse – fair warning! However, once we went out Sunday to purchase his beautiful brand spankin’ new birthday grill and disassembled the ENTIRE box into my side of the garage. Convenient how that worked out hmmmm. This is where the fun started.

I was feeling quite queasy (I’m not pregnant, quit hoping) so I was to sit on the chair, hold the directions. I believe the event started out like this:

Me: Hey Sweetie first you need those two leg “U” looking parts. Alex stands in the midst of everything and just looks around as I point at the wall.

Alex: These things?

Me: Yup. And screws. You need screws.

Alex: What?? What screws, I didn’t see any screws. Proceeds to tear apart the box

Me: Hey maybe they are in the charcoal bin. He snorts and then finally moves over to the bin. Pulls out the bag of screws

Me: Ok now it says screw the cross bars into the holes on either leg. At this point I look up to see Alex scratching his head and looking at the legs.

Me: What?

Alex: Only one leg has holes. You must be wrong, give me the directions

At this point I was reduced to chair warmer. Who would have thought a mechanically inclined macho man would have such an issue allowing me to direct him on how to assemble a grill. What followed here was a rather entertaining 20 minutes of Alex lecturing the grill parts, instructions, Weber’s stupid design and manufacturing team, and then lastly calling up Home Depot.

This is a Weber Performance charcoal grill with a gas starter.

(That is for the dummy in this relationship) Awesome right? Too bad the original leg we received had missing holes. So we returned it to the store only to find out – no more in stock. Now Home Depot was great about ordering us a new leg for free. They even gave us a temporary one that we’ll return once the new one arrives. This makes assembling the thing silly. So at this point this is what we have:

So you do want to know what we did instead???? Why we went shopping for clothes! Let me tell you men, that is true love. Volunteering to go shopping with your wife / girlfriend / Mother / Sister / Daughter / whatever the heck that woman is to you. We went shopping for me. Why you ask? Because on Saturday my good friend Shelly came into town so that we could shopping and talk all things wedding regarding her up-coming wedding. Plans changed and an entire day was condensed into 2 hours. 2 hours led to me being very frustrated by my new size.

So on my “girl weekend” I purchased a grill for Alex, my lunch and  . . . wait for it . . . bet you can’t guess. . .

For $7. Wahoo. I had a $300 budget given to me by my husband, first thing out of my mouth when I got home was “Hey sweetie, I stayed under budget!” I cannot tell you HOW upset I was that I finally had permission to blow chunks of money on me and some on him and I found NOTHING. Fate is laughing.


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