Happy Birthday Dear Alex….

Happy Birthday Alex!

On this very special day you were born, a little early from what I’ve been told, and here you are 29 years later. As such I feel it is my duty as your wonderful wife and punkin to share to the world at least twenty-nine reasons why you have every reason to celebrate the day!

29. You are alive – hey seems like a good reason to celebrate to me

28. Pollen season is OVER!!!!! Actually that is a reason for both of us to celebrate, any more snoring and I think I’ll revive the tradition of separate bedrooms. You get the one with no bed.

27. I haven’t yet sold your jeep See, I DO keep my wedding vows

26. You are moving on up in your personal career goals and I’m so proud of you!

25. I bought you beer for tonight aren’t I the best wife in the whole wide world?

24. It’s warm and that means top down & doors off on the jeep!

23. Vacation for us both is only 3 more months down the road

22. Road Trip in only two weeks!

21. You are getting ribs Sunday for dinner!

20. You just got a grill cover

19. Ahh forget the grill cover, you just got a new grill!!!! I really do rock

18. Since its your day (and you mowed the front yard last night so we are no longer competing in the neighborhood “how tall are your weeds” unofficial contest) not only will I give you control of the remote, but I will watch whatever you choose….for tonight.

17. You look pretty awesome in these here Mickey ears. . . .

16. I messed up the dates, so instead of plans this evening….it’s going to be All About You!

15. Did I forget to mention, you can buy those jeep parts you want

14. I’ll do the laundry this week and you better know this is a once a year deal here

13. I’ve got cake for you!

12. And I didn’t bake that cake!

11. Tonight for dessert, is any ice cream of your choosing

10. I love you

9. Harley loves you

8. Beezle loves you

7. You are 29, not the dreaded 3-0! That’s next year mwahahaha

6. Despite the snores, I’ll share the bed with you afterall, you are warm

5. I have a little surprise for you when you get off work this weekend, and our blog followers are gonna get a kick out of it when I take pictures!

4. I love you

3. Beezle loves you

2. Harley loves you

1. and really, forget about the rest of the reasons this is the best one Its your Party and you can do whatever the poop you want to today, because today…Its All About Alex!


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