You tell me…

Your turn to contribute to the blog. See I know I have readers, that or my stats are lying to me…which is possible. But either way, I think I have imaginary friends out there who glance at this. Who enjoy this. So now I want to hear from YOU!

What Would You Do??

You have five million dollars and no debt.  You can’t give it away and you can’t invest more than half.  The other half has to be spent by next Tuesday.  What are you going to do?

Me, first thing I would do is invest the half I’m allowed to. That way I could earn some money and even if its just at a rate of 1% a year off of $2.5 million dollars, that is a pretty nice income. This leaves me free to enjoy what I will be doing with the other half.

I would purchase a nice hilly plot of land with some forestry and enough room to roam. No more than about 10 acres. Then I would build my dream house. I’d have a log cabin built in the style of a big old farmhouse. Add a couple of horses and with my income from investing the first half I’d have a great way to start my own horse farm. Lastly, I’d go on a quick vacation with my husband and family. Somewhere that involves lying in the sand, but still with activities like sailing to enjoy. Yup that is what I’d do with my money.


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