I love this man…

We all have crazy days, we all have sad days, happy days, you get the idea days. Last night I had a great plan! My plan involved coming home and cooking dinner, heading out to Home Depot to buy a paint sample for our living room, and then surprising Alex with ice cream cones.      (because I know the truth, and that its ice cream that holds his heart, second only to his Jeep. I.E. I’m pretty low on this here “Love List” Seriously, note the engagement photo below….do you SEE what is in it. Yes, his Jeep was in our engagement photos. I can only be grateful it did not make it into our wedding shots too.)

Then I got home and well, life intervened.    (dang thing keeps messing with my plans!) So dinner was cereal, home depot was at least a partial success, and the ice cream sort of happened. Then we went home and at the late, great hour of 9 p.m. my husband went to bed.  Or so I thought . . . .

There I was, watching t.v., and really…feeling kind of bummed. Bummed because our plans went awry, bummed because the alarm would be going off (AGAIN!!!!!) at 2:55 A.M. so that he could go to work for some OT money. Bummed because evidently my uterus has decided its ready for this whole child thing and even though my brain keeps yelling SHUT UP! its not really listening. Just really Blah. And then I hear the pitter patter of feet on our floor.

Alex: (he is leaning over me to kiss me on the nose and thus terrifying me because I was not paying any attention to anything that might actually LOOM over me) Sweetie, whats wrong?

Stephanie: AHHH!!!!!! What the heck Alex?!?! Jeez, scare anyone lately. Sides nothing is wrong. I’m just being silly. Go to bed.

Alex: Silly about what? (Now by this point he has come around the couch and sat down and hugged me…because he’s awesome.)

Stephanie: Just stuff. Girl stuff.

Alex: Stop being General and talk to me. I swear you are like pulling teeth when it comes to talking. How you managed to major in Communication is beyond me.

Stephanie: (laughing) Oh lord honey, its about the dream. I don’t know what it is but I am really thinking about kids. I know that it will change things, even if I don’t “get” it. I know our lives will never be the same, but the longing is there.  So…. I just feel dumb. I’ve made our personal lives complicated. At least to me. Maybe I should just get back on the meds.

Alex: (now by this point he’s cracking up because he’s supportive like that. He appreciates my emotional sharing…..please note the utter sarcasm.) Steph, look first you aren’t getting back on the meds. I’d rather deal with the baby talk, as long as its not you know…Baby talking….than the (now at this point his hands start making roller coaster motions, before moving into psychedelic movements all over the place) crazy that you were before. At least I know which monster is walking through the door. And really, you’ve always been kind of insane. So this isn’t new. I love you. I’m going to bed.

And with that he kissed me on the nose and headed to bed. So yea, even when I turn into a hormonal baby desiring female, my husband reminds me he loves me. By calling me a monster. Love … its funny what you’ll accept from it. But you know what…he loves me and I love him. So yea….I love this man. (even when he does grab my butt for professional photos)


2 responses to “I love this man…

  1. Grandma Judy

    Where was this picture taken? It looks like it’s somewhere in NC near where “my” cabin is.
    Never mind answering. I’m leaving for Wyoming/Tetons/Yellowstone for 9 days.

  2. Well I’m going to reply anyway :-p It was taken just down the road from our house. Its a little dirt road that you’d think leads to no where, but instead leads to a bevy of houses and a great picture spot near the water.