A Change is a coming.

Well I have started (ok ok ok, I’ve also finished, but I was bad and didn’t bring the right camera connector so I can’t upload the correct photos just yet.) the painting in our living room and dining room. Its beautiful, its wonderful, its ….

I’m not gonna tell you. Nanny Nanny Boo Boo! 🙂

As you can see from the below shot, our living room is about as gorgeous and big as well . . .um…words fail me. Its a big blank canvas. We have lots of dark brown furniture. Ergo the tan paint Alex, oh ok fine, we picked out previously looked pretty boring. So for now I leave you with the loveliest of lovely (please note the utter sarcasm) before shots of our living room and dining room. Tomorrow, I will tell you how to shock even the guy at the Home Depot paint section.

Our boring White And Gray living room and dining room

….thanks previous owner who decided the ENTIRE house should be “neutral” with gray. Whole house. /snore.

From the Dining RoomFrom the Living Room


2 responses to “A Change is a coming.

  1. vikkishifrin

    You should paint a room vivid green. Just to break up the grayness. 🙂