A Change Came….

Well as promised in my previous A Change is A Coming post, a change has arrived in my house. I promise, I have pics from the during and the after moments, but first let me take you through the process of how this change arrived.

It all started a few weeks ago when the grey that is our household’s common paint theme, (I swear to you…the previous owner/agent who sold us the house put in grey linoleum and paint the wood cabinets, doors, trim, walls, and ceilings with varying shades of grey. And when I said I was planning on changing it…he was SHOCKED!) got to me in the worst way. I just couldn’t handle it anymore. It was like being in a storm cloud ALL.THE.TIME. So I slapped up some varying colors on the wall, but nothing clicked. Until one day I was perusing Google and read some advice on what to do with dark brown furniture. Which is all we have….its a very masculine look if you don’t notice the throw pillows and other knickknacks I put around our house. So away I went to the Home Depot to obtain a sample. Then I went home to convince my husband that this was the color! Which I’ll be honest wasn’t that hard. You see, he gets the garage. I get the house. That’s how it works in our marriage.  Well that and he loves me so. See the love on his face as I stand over him to take a picture!

Once I obtained his approval I finagled my father and brother’s help to paint our 20 foot ceilings. What??? I’m Short. And on the day of the big job, I went to the mecca of home improvement. I asked for my paint and this is the conversation that occurred.

Stephanie: I’d like this color please. Three gallons.

HD Guy: Sure thing, about 10 minutes ma’am.     because its the south and all the gentleman say ma’am to any woman. Because their momma taught them so!

(15 min later)

HD Guy: Here you are Ma’am. Just let me pop this open and you can check the color. Now here the man does his kindest attempt to not stare bug eyed at my paint as He tilts the can to me Is this right Ma’am?

Stephanie: Yes, perfect! Thank you so much!

HD Guy: As he is closing the lids he states: Enjoy this. Although, I hope your husband knows you are about to paint your house Home Depot Orange.

Now I’m laughing at this point, because its not actually HD orange. Its more Terra Cotta, but I realize the paint wet is enough to shock anyone. But this poor gentleman, I think he must have thought that I had lost my ever lovin’ mind and all he could do was feel sorry for the poor fool who I roped into allowing this color. So yes, I took my paint home.

I had my tall baby brother who  towers over me paint the tall points.  See here he is helping. He was SOOO  glad I was taking his picture!

I had my father who has many years of skill in my mom roping him into a painting project help me.But that is also because he has the rollers, ladder, and well every other darn thing you need to paint. And its free to borrow. Which made the painting thing less of a head-rolling shock. I know I shocked them…maybe you’ll be shocked too. But our living room looks great. Alex likes it. And in the end…at least I’m not living in that darn thunder cloud any longer!

<—This is our living room and over looking into our dining room. I have another post about that table you can see.  The other pic is our living room with our new furniture that matches our soon to arrive couches.

PS: please forgive the alignment of photos. Despite my attempts they refuse to do what they are told.


One response to “A Change Came….

  1. Wow! That’s definitely a bright color. It looks good for your house. I’m not sure I would want it in mine though.

    I’m in the process of deciding what colors to paint in my house and that’s one that hasn’t even occurred to me. I was leaning more towards blue, greens, and purple.

    Tell your dad to come help his sister paint now!

    Aunt Bev