A Little Introspection in the Crazy Mind of Me!

I have nothing terribly exciting to blog about today, so I think I will do a little self reflection. I can only hope that I do not bore all of my readers to death. If so, I apologize in advance…please come back. I get more entertaining, if nothing else I will try to talk Alex into a pedicure this weekend just for some crazy pictures just for you!

I started my first blog back in college on the whim of a slightly eccentric (read: Crazy as a freaking Loon!) professor of history who decided she didn’t want to actually discuss our readings. She wanted to read our journals about them. Then I migrated into personal reflection, and that ebbed and flowed until Matthew died. Then I started back up as Alex and I (hahahah!!! Read: I alone with help from my mom and only some input from Alex) planned our wedding so that I would have memories of the craziness of that time. Time that I have no intention whatsoever of repeating. Then I went insane and decided we should by a house. In just six months. (You can refer back to the control issues and other insanity that is my life here!)

And once again I have started. But this time I find I have people who actually click on my blog, still not sure if anyone is reading it, but I’d like to think so. I’m doing a lot better this time because I want to find a way to share our lives with family.

Hi Ron and Sallie!! Can’t wait to visit everyone next weekend!!! Beware the camera monster that I have become, but I must have pics for this blog.

But ultimately I did this to document Alex and I’s lives as we transition from “single” to “newlyweds” to a “married couple” and onward to becoming “parents.” (Not yet people! Jeez, chill out. Oh and pass along that message to my uterus which is NOT getting the hint) We knew going in that marriage would be an adventure. Or a roller coaster. Depends on the day. Sure wish I didn’t get so motion sick.

We knew some days it would be like our honeymoon at Disney, all fun and games with excitement around every corner. We also knew that some days it would be more like reliving our country’s glorious heritage of the War Between the States with no holds barred. We also knew that come what may, we would be in this adventure together. 100% at all times. So while I may whine and complain, praise and lavish, (or in otherwords bore the living poop out of you) about our lives. I am having a blast! I realize we are only 8 and a half months into this marriage, but I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Well except maybe that time I managed to spill ridiculous amounts of a red beverage on Alex’s beloved Jeep seat. I know where I stand in this marriage. After the Jeep. Please Honey, its been six months, forgive me already!


2 responses to “A Little Introspection in the Crazy Mind of Me!

  1. Fun post. I can relate to the car spill–except it is me making the mess and asking for forgiveness.

    • Yea…asking forgiveness for spilling things is hard. Especially after they just finish telling you to please be careful as they had just finished a full detail on the car not less than 24 hours prior to “The Incident.”