A Man and His Grill part 2

If you remember, for Alex’s birthday he received a grill. Up until now the grill has been in well, pieces, but this week he finally received that elusive last leg to stand on. (Hahahah! Last leg to stand on…oh do I crack myself up. What? No one else thinks I’m funny?? Sighs…fine.) And so he assembled his grill. We went out and purchased the final bout of grilling supplies and we came home to grill.

Now what do you suppose we grilled that first night? Was it Chicken, burgers, kabobs, corn on the cob??? Nope. Night #1 of grilling we made S’mores. Yummy, ooohy, gooey s’mores. (Because we are actually both secretly five year olds that the world likes to claim are grown-ups. Foolish foolish world.) However, before we could begin this process Alex went to the store to pick up the necessary supplies. When he got home he just couldn’t wait to tell me what the clerk thought.

Alex: Honey, you would not believe the looks I got at the store.

Stephanie: Mmmm? That’s nice dear. Do you think the grill is ready? (Yes I normally listen with rapt attention to every word my husband says, but the man just unloaded chocolate in front of my face…And marshmallows. A woman can only do so much to contain herself! See…doesn’t this just scream EAT ME)

Alex: No. But seriously Stephie, the woman stared at all this stuff and then looked at me and said she didn’t want to even know what I was doing. And when I told her we were making s’mores over the grill she stared at me like I was the smartest man out there. Said she’d never even thought to do that. Well till the girl doing the bagging said she did it over the stove all the time.

Stephanie: (now by now he has caught my attention because hey, the grill wasn’t ready so that meant I had to focus on something else besides marshmallows….and chocolate. Mmm chocolate.) Wait, what? You are telling me this woman never looked at the grill and went hmm that is an open flame. I bet I could make s’mores over it. Just like a campfire. Wow. Some people just don’t think outside the box. Is the grill ready?

Alex: (at this point the man gives up trying to compete with chocolate. Just like I do with the Jeep all the time.) Yes Stephanie. (Uh oh. Full name usage. I’m in trouble.) Here are your skewer and your marshmallows. Enjoy. (WAHOO!!!!)

And so we went on to gorge ourselves on s’mores. Totally made the Weber grill worth purchasing in my opinion. A woman’s got have priorities after all.  But here is the kicker. That’s not all we made! The next night we had my parents and brother come over for burgers because we figured hey, they’ve been feeding us the last two years every summer. It’s about dang time we fed them back. And then Alex insisted on making chicken on the grill. Which I would have taken a picture of, but it was really good. And well I was hungry. Really hungry.

But anyway, the point of all this is…I think I have a problem. You see, I knew walking into this marriage that the Jeep came first. No seriously, I did. Check out the groom’s cake.

And his face. I got lectured on this after the wedding! (please take a brief moment to note my sympathy to his plight.HAHA!)

But now… now we have this grill. And I think its winning. What you don’t believe me? I have proof. You see this picture….its Alex, and his grill.

Wanna know what I was doing? I was on the hammock. I was over there asking him to come relax with me while we waited for the briskets to heat up properly. This is what I got.

A picture taken of me. (forgive the crappy picture, but I THOUGHT he was messing with the camera. Which based on the 5 previous pictures of the aforementioned grill he was. Note the order I just said. Grill First. Me Second.) See, he prefers the grill now. I’m screwed. Oh well, at least I got S’mores out of the deal. Lots and lots of S’mores.


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