Peddle Faster….I hear Banjos!

Over Memorial Day weekend Alex and I trod on our fears of actual socializing with people beyond each other by climbing many a hill and crossing many a stream. Ok, so we actually just hit the major interstate I-75 north and drove 5 hours to TN, but we did go up and down a lot and go over many bridges!!! Promise!

See we drove allllllll the way up here by this little red dot:

Our weekend started out with us arriving in TN to the warmest and welcoming site. Not only had Ron & Sallie provided us with the utmost in comfort in terms of a warm welcome through hugs and hellos, but also through the nicest guest room ever. I now aspire to be Sallie. I want my guests to arrive and realize that even if they forgot stuff (hair dryer, shampoo…I’m the worst packer) its ok! Because your host, your host has prepared for your every need. God bless them! Plus we got a super nice welcome box full of water and writing pads. (Sallie noticed I like to write…can you tell she reads the blog?? Hi Aunt Sallie!!)

Sunday we went to two very interesting sites. One was the planetarium (which we never did get to go in) / animal rescue site. The other was a fossil site. Totally unexpected. What? It was! I did not drive to Tennessee expecting ginormous teeth. Or little baby bones. Or a 4 to 8 ton Aunt Sallie. (hahah oohhh hehehehe.) Ok now to explain that part before I get yelled at….first, Uncle Ron is hilarious. Alex and him share a sense of humor and it’s the funniest darn thing when they are together. Second, at the bird sanctuary before the comment about an 8 ton Sallie erupted from the two clowns in the back of the lecture at the fossil site, Sallie had made an equally sarcastic comment about Ron’s breathing. You see Ron breathes in one way and it goes straight out the other end. (hahahah heheheh). I have a picture of that moment, its blurry because she said it and I about died of laughter much to the consternation of our fellow avid bird watchers.

Here are just a sampling of some of the birds:

I cannot remember what this is called, but it was pretty. And it squawked back all the time. Must remind Alex of me as he was very interested in preserving its image. (avid Bird people please don’t lecture me. I swear I was paying attention at the time, but its hard when you’ve got 8-ton Sallie making comments about one way breathing Ron in the background)

That is not a shrew

Then we had the Horned Owl. Not the Horny Owl as certain other members of our little party kept calling it. (cough cough, Ron, cough Alex….Although, they were all male. So I guess Horned and Horny are both probably appropriate for all parties.) Ok so this photo will not turn correctly, that or WordPress thinks y’all are all Owls. Either way, please forgive the cattywhampous alignment here. I’ll fix ASAP.

Here is the bird I mentioned above that has air in one end and out the other. Forgive the blurry I was laughing….(surprise you are still an Owl!)

(Hahahahahah) Oops, wrong picture. Here we are:

And then we have some love birds: (cue the “Awwwwwwwww” ok now stop. That’s disgustingly sweet.)

We have pictures of wolves, of deer, of turtles, of nothing! I’d keep going but that is a whole lotta pictures. Our weekend from here proceeded over to the dig site and then dinner out. After dinner we went back to the house where we all indulged in Christmas songs by Achmed. Funniest thing alive(well dead really. I mean he is a dead terrorist, but he’s also a puppet. So I don’t know what he actually would be called. Whatever…) Funniest thing EVER!

Here are Ron & Sallie listening to Alex wax on and on about Achmed.

Monday we got up, we vowed to see them again, we took a family photo which I look ridiculous in because I was running to get into the shot after take the little self timer shot. So I’m all bent around silly because the rest of them looked decent and I look like a loon. (at least that is normal)

And then headed back across the hills. On our way we got one last picture to prove that I had indeed crossed state lines. Problem was I got in front of the camera. And I think it didn’t like that to much seeing as how everything went from in focus with just Alex standing there to all blurry with me. Management these days! They need to hire better help! (What you can’t see is the placement of the camera….which is on a trashcan. Let me just say Puyewwwweeeeee!)


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  1. Grandma Judy

    So glad you had a good time with your “new” relatives.
    Also glad you got to get away from home for a few days.