Pick One!

So its a slightly slower mental day than normal. Mostly because I had the ever so brilliant idea to hit up Olive Garden and try their new special. Then I hugged the toilet for 5 hours cursing my brilliant ideas.

Please let this serve as a PSA. Stephie’s brilliant ideas…approach with caution.

Now then, just for giggles. Pick one! No really…because I’m seriously curious. What one? Pick. Now.!
A rich, eccentric relative dies and leaves a very creative will. For the rest of your life financing will be provided to pay the salaries of one of the following:
a. The maid who cleans your house and also does your laundry
b. The chef who not only cooks every meal, but also does the grocery shopping but you pay for groceries

Me…give me that maid. I like to cook. Grocery shopping is oddly enough an escape for me. But really, laundry? Thats what sells it for me. Ahhh to never wash clothes again.

Crumbs, ‘cept that is a dream! A fancy floof of a dream at that. Dadgum dreams. Excuse me for a while but I must go clean my laundry lest I need to show up at work pantless. And really, that would just be embarrassing.

*This idea was totally hijacked from Mindee at Our Front Door. She’s Awesome. Check her out!


5 responses to “Pick One!

  1. Give me the maid…I’ll cook. Maybe the maid will clean my dishes too! 🙂

  2. vikkishifrin

    Easy. I would pick the chef. I don’t HATE cooking, but I hate MY cooking. Mostly because I don’t know wtf I’m doing most of the time. Cinnamon, on chicken? Let’s try! Tomatoes, on a cake? WHY NOT?!?!?! I love when other people cook for me… I love it so much I would go as far as to say “I will buy the groceries AND clean up the kitchen if you just please make me something yummy.”

  3. Grandma Judy

    FYI: I can’t eat anything at Olive Garden except their salad and pasta fajoule(?) soup….and bread sticks All the pasta dishes make me sick.

  4. I’m with you….maid please. Jarrett, oddly enough, likes dishes duty so I don’t have to worry about that.