Hear About It. Read It. Enjoy It!

Sooooo first I should apologize for being completely remiss in my posting here lately. I can only say my mind is so full of stuff that I have not really had a way to put it all into words. Bad excuse I know, but what can I say???

Now then on to the more interesting part of my post.

Anyone who knows me (and those who read that Getting to Know Me post) knows that I love to read! I absolutely prefer to be sitting down to a good book. I have got to share my love of the established writers Nora Roberts, Christine Feehan, Stephanie Laurens, and the two up and comers Jeanine Frost and Yasmine Galenorn. Now I fully admit to my love affair with romance novels. However, I need a good story too. Hence the authors I have mentioned above. I’d like to give you a little breakdown about each, but I strongly encourage you to check out each one. Some of them do not even feel like Romance Novels so much as a good story that happens to have a little romance thrown in.

Nora Roberts: What can I say about her other than award winning and AMAZINGLY talented author. She and Stephanie Laurens are probably the two most “romance” centric authors of the group. Although lately Roberts has been branching out into a more mystery centered series under the psyeudonum J. D. Robb. Most of Roberts books are written in small series of either three or four  books so you do get to follow along with the tale. Additionally almost all of her books have a mystery to them. I would say only her most recent quartet is the purely “romance” set of the books. All in all a great and relaxing read!

Stephanie Laurens: Has perhaps one of the longest known series in terms of Romance that I can think of with her Cynster and Bastien Club series. However she is mostly known for the fact that all of her books are historical romance. They also all seem to take place in England (or with roots in England in the case of her Bride Quartet series…the newest books she has released) around the early 1800’s. I would personally like to give major props to her for the amazing detail and historical accuracy she pours into every book. I have learned facts about England that advanced courses in college never taught me! Lastly, one of the other things I LOVE about her work is the fact that she manages link all of her different series together. You will find in reading the Bastion Club novels that the characters have interactions that intermingle with the time series of events for the Cynster novels and vice versa. Her most recent series (Bride Quartet) also brings the players from those two series back into play as well. (Its like being able to catch up with long lost friends to see how they are doing 5, 10 years down the road!)

Next we have Christine Feehan: Ms. Feehan is probably the most widely recognized paranormal writer in this time. I cannot say I love all of her books,  but the most popular series otherwise known as the Dark Series has captured me. Feehan also brings the relationships into repeat use through her books as Laurens does, but does it over a much wider span of time. The Dark Series is primarily “vampire” in nature, although the characters are Carpathian and have a much more interesting history. Feehan provides you the most detail within her books going so far as to publish info regarding the Carpathian language, chants, recipes, etc that are mentioned through out her books. If you are looking to fully immerse yourself into a world then this is the author for you!

And now we move onto the up and comers. I call them that because while they may have been writing for awhile popular success has happened in the last year or two and they do not have nearly as many books to their name as the aforementioned three. Still I strongly encourage you to check them out and clamor for more books like the other fans do!

Jeanine Frost: Jeanine Frost….absolutely blew onto the scene with her novel Halfway to the Grave. She has since expanded the series to four books with more to come and created a new series using prior side characters to further develop the storyline. If you like vampires then this is the author for you. Her series features half vamps, ghouls, werewolves and more! Frost explores every known love about the creatures you can dream of and turns into a story where you actually root for the good ones and boo the bad ones! She is definitely an author to watch!

And Lastly (but definitely not least! hah who didn’t see that coming!) we have Yasmine Galenorn: Ms. Galenorn has been writing for a while, but it wasn’t until her series “Sisters of the Moon” that she really exploded onto the scene. These books are probably the least “romance” in nature and the most “adult” in nature of all of the other authors I’ve mentioned. They are more like watching a good television series in the absolute visuals, scene setting, and story-line offerings she has that occasionally has a “couple” set up to advance the plot. The romance is secondary to her storyline, but she is still billed as a “romance” novelist. The one thing to note about Galenorn is that her books deal in all things “otherworldly.”  In other words, like Frost has many fantasy style creatures in her books, Galenorn does so as well but on a more focused scale.

That sums up my favorite authors and the reviews about them. Do you have any favorites? If so please tell me about them. I know I love to learn about new authors all the time. I hope everyone will at least explore these authors, you never know who or what you might like!


2 responses to “Hear About It. Read It. Enjoy It!

  1. Grandma Judy

    I’m on the second book of the Three Sisters Island Trilogy (Nora Roberts). Got the first 2 at a thrift shop and had to pay $4+ for the third one—have to see what happens in the end……
    I love historical romance novels but don’t care as much for the old English/British stories.

  2. Grandma Judy

    I just read a great story by James Patterson. His are usually gory but this was a nice love story (same author). Can’t remember the title and I gave it to a neighbor. Again, got it at a thrift shop. I like the challenge of finding good “reads” for 25 cents and 50 cents!