A Monday post for a Tuesday.

A good ending to my half and half weekend. This weekend started off with another funeral, this time for a co-worker. In fact he was the head of my department. I have to say that while Brent’s funeral and my boss’s funeral were to totally different things. Each reflected the person they were designed to memorialize in the best of ways. From mosh pit to bagpipes. The past two weekends have been rough but true at heart.

Now then, that isn’t all I did this weekend. This weekend Alex and I went from sad to a crazy set of happy. (Nope, still not yet. Although we at least admit now we are trying versus the previously mentioned “not preventing” which is called trying in denial.) You see, when we moved into our house we got the most wondrous of floors. I’m sure you’ve heard me talk (complain, whine, mutter, curse, call in a witch doctor to perform rituals to the house décor gods) about before here. The reason for my complaints have been everything from they track even the smallest of dirt EVERYWHERE, to they are hideous, to you must mop them every weekend. And honestly, if they were wood and I had to take care of them this way I do not think it would be the issue it is now when they are grey, poorly laid, linoleum.  Anyway (and yes I can hear you saying hurry the heck up and get to the point, thank you very much,) our vacuum from the old carpeted place does not work. So today Alex bought me a $22 push sweeper-broom vac.  You would think the man had gifted me with diamonds! I LOVE it. Now what used to take an hour takes me 15 minutes. Bless technology.

On top of this I have discovered my new WarCrack. (for the non-nerds this is a reference to the popular computer game known as World of Warcraft. Which I would still gladly devote $15 a month and hours each weekend to, if we just had internet. Stupid full cable supplier and no DSL availability.) That’s right, I have found the joy of Photoshop. I have gone back and edited previously taken engagement photos just to see what I could do. I have a book that has lessons, and a DVD that also has lessons. I get so absorbed that hours pass before I realize I should probably go see why I hear snoring from Alex and the two cats. I am positive several of you know of this program, some of you could probably edit circles around me, but for the family who is either not familiar with or is not up on the variances of this program. Check this out! (Just beware the addiction to the ability to do this to your pictures. Danger Will Robinson. Danger!)

So here is the SOOC (straight out of camera) picture, please forgive the wierdness at the bottom. The picture was not originally on Acid.  I need a new USB drive. It keeps killing my pictures.

And Here is the PhotoShopped picture. Subtle I know but I just wanted to brighten up the green’s of the jeep and not make the photo look so washed out.


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