Let me preface this by saying in our house Alex and I don’t actually watch that much t.v. together. We sit down to dinner, we talk, we grill out (which reminds me the man needs to grill our steaks for dinner tonight, yum!) and we visit together.

Having said that, I have a confession to make. There are just certain reality t.v. shows we love. Oh don’t get me wrong, we think most of these shows are ridiculous. We may watch the first few episodes of a new show just to get a feel for it, but rarely do we go out of our way to watch a t.v. show. If something like So You Think You Can Dance is on, we click over to it. But inevitably we are flipping between that and 3 other shows.  We also like a few drama shows like Bones & Glee, also found on Fox, but there is one show that we will literally change our plans for. Its sad really.

Monday night we are out getting gas and grabbing the 99 cent sundae’s at Sonic after finding out some big news (news of which I’m not allowed to share until Monday just in case the subject of big news reads this blog and for heaven’s sake finds out about big news before this weekend. In which case I would die.) when the following discussion took place:

Alex: Honey what time is it?

Stephanie: casually looking at the clock Its 8:10. Why what’s up?

Alex: Holy CRAP! Hang on….now he literally pounds on the button, barks his order into the intercom and starts drumming his fingers on the steering wheel…Its Monday! Stephanie it is past 8 oclock on MONDAY!

Stephanie: Um…ok?? Wait, wait what?! Holy Crap. Hurry up already. We are missing the show. We are missing our BIG.RED.BALLS.

Alex: I KNOW! Here take this drink, as soon as the guy comes with the ice cream we’re leaving. Do you think we can TiVo back to the beginning?

Stephanie: Shoot, I don’t know?!? I can’t remember what channel I left the t.v. on.

And yes people. Yes we did. We got our ice cream when the original plan was to chill and eat a dessert together so we could haul it home and watch Wipeout! (and you know what. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.) Only the irony of it was, the show is on Tuesdays on ABC. So guess what we did??? Oh don’t you know it! We recorded that bad boy for an entire season and now we’ll never miss another episode and our ice cream adventures can occur in peace.

Wipeout is the funniest dang show on the planet! I mean Survivor and various other shows where you are stuck in oddball situations have no sympathy from me. You Signed Up! But Wipeout, oh the glory of this show. People sign up and then run an obstacle course hyped up on something and they bounce and they shiver and they scream before starting on this obstacle course. And the whole point of the show (besides the money!) is to get from Point A to Point B in the fastest time. Big deal right? WRONG! The course has platforms that bounce you off into mud, rocking slippery slopes you must traverse, and the creme de la creme the Big.Red.Balls. Which are basically huge bouncing balls that your muddy self must bounce from one at a time. Invariably people bounce off and their faces are to die for! LOVE IT!

Thats our addiction. Do you have an addictive show you cannot live without? Come on…we all have that guilty pleasure. Share!


4 responses to “Big.Red.Balls.

  1. Okay – you’re like the 50th person to mention that show and I had never even heard of it until this week. I’m going to go set the DVR now!

  2. Grandma Judy

    Have never heard of Wipeout.
    I never miss “Big Bang Theory” at 9:30 on Mondays, altho I heard they were moving to Thurs. sometime (Fall?). It is so well-written and makes me laugh out loud. And the writer(s) of this show have written another one that is to start soon.

    Have started watching this season’s America’s Got Talent but most of the acts are so ridiculous it’s not worth watching (except for the few who are super talented).