Cliffhangers vs Football style

One of the websites I love to read is The Nest. I got hooked on this site when I was still planning our wedding and needed to have a little help staying organized with all the details that come with planning a wedding. Today I read it for the message boards which help me on days when I want to go “OMG Are we normal??” to which the reply is inevitably “No, but neither are we!” (we may be crazy, but at least we are not alone in that crazy! Right? Right. Thought you’d understand being looney and all yourself.)

So today I log on and lo and behold, but what do I see? (ok and now I sound like a fairy-tale? See. Weird.) Anyway, today on The Nest is an article. All about what your sleep style says about your couple-hood. Now, maybe I’m wrong but I could have sworn articles like this died out when I quit reading Seventeen and CosmoGirl. However, the article popped up and like the car crash you cannot tear your eyes away from my finger moved to the mouse button and I.COULD.NOT.STOP.MYSELF. I CLICKED. That’s right, I clicked on that article like the teenager I evidently still secretly am. Here you can read it for yourself, but let me just say. Alex and I are none of those things. None! We are not the cliffhanger couple who utilize every square inch of the bed, but we are also not the football couple or the tether-ball couple. So what do we do? Are we the non-existent couple? Are we in serious relationship trouble because our sleeping styles do not exist? What about the fact that we are a convoluted mesh of all of the above? What horrible news is this The Nest? Must my husband and I now be relegated to a category of “Just Plain Wrong.” Why oh why silly article must you tell me that my world as I know it is ending!?! (and that folks is why the teen years stink. Hormones being in control of the logic in your brain are just about as catastrophic as a giant meteor. That human existence has ever survived a female in the throes of young, passionate, teen confusion is beyond me. )

But in all reality, the article was an interesting piece into how much we women, (and don’t lie you know you do it!), worry about the “normalcy” of our relationships. There is no set rule or standard or guideline by which we must live. Just because Alex and I sometimes cuddle and sometimes shove a pillow between us is not indicative of how healthy our relationship is. It’s called its HOT down here in Georgia and a lot of A/C is expensive! So no I do not want to snuggle up together when I actually married a heater until it has cooled down to a nice balmy 80 degrees thank you very much.  Yet even as I know that, I still want confirmation that we are normal. (well ok as normal as we can be) And that’s ok! Its ok because part of being in a marriage is constantly evaluating and re-evaluating yourselves to make sure you are in a healthy relationship. So I guess, while we don’t need to evaluate to quite the extent a teenage female does, looking at kooky articles about sleeping styles does have some purpose in our marriage. :-p Plus they are fun!

What about you? Do you and your significant other ever compare anything to other couples? Things like how you hold hands (fingers linked, side by side, not at all), how you sit at the table (facing each other vs side by side vs catty-corner), how you stack your DVD’s???? Do those comparisons help your relationship? Share so we can compare notes! Alex will love it! :-p


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