Detective Facebook we need to talk

How often do you get on Facebook? Once a day, once a week, to many times to count? I fall somewhere in the middle as it depends on my day, but I check it frequently. Now, what do you share on Facebook and who do you share it with? Thats just the sort of info that MSNBC posted two articles about recently. Very interesting read they are.

Article 1: The gist of this article is that Facebook has become the divorce attorney’s new best friend. It has all the gossip, all the ammo, and ultimately all the power to be your own worst nightmare. But here’s the thing….as Article 2 points out. Its your own dang fault.

Article 2: Article 2’s big point is that everything you share on line is up to you. Now you’d expect this to be common sense, but due to that highly elusive chemical in the brain called Dopamine we share and share and share. Then when the shoe falls, well we get mad. At Facebook. At our Friends. At all of the things and people we shared that info with. Its kind of crazy and yet, makes sense. We, as humans, have to work at accepting the blame versus passing it off. No one likes to go “Its All My Fault.”

These two articles though, they made me think about my fight last night with Alex. It wasn’t a blood curdling war cry (although it certainly would have looked interesting if we had slathered ourselves in war paint, raised our swords and CHARGED!!!!). No, this was more of the fight where one person makes a statement based on a previous conversation and an assumed understanding. Only to find out what you both thought was understood was in fact one HUGE.FREAKING.MESS. Suffice to say we are still in a bit of a hiccup regarding the situation, but it may end this way. An “agree to disagree” so to speak. Last night as we went to sleep I went to write out my thoughts only to write to myself “I do not feel as though I can say what I’m thinking.” and to close my journal and crash for the night. So today I get to the computer and the first thought was to type a little quip as to how I’m feeling only to pause every time because I don’t know how to put into words how I feel.

You see, in this instance putting it all out there is just a plain bad idea. Neither of us is wrong per se (even if I do think I’m the right one in this matter and he’s the one he keeps changing his mind. Like I do!), but neither of us are right either. (which smarts…dang adult logic thinking!) So I’m stuck. Stuck on what to think, what to do, and who to talk to. I know I need to talk to Alex, but at the risk of sounding like a child, I don’t wanna!!! He never understands. But we will because that’s part of our marriage. Opening up the lines of communication so that can prevent fights like last night.

(Gosh being a grown-up and mature and stuff is HARD. Good thing I get to pick when I want to eat ice-cream for dinner now!)


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