Fourth of July Jubilations

The Fourth of July is a time of a celebration, relaxation, fireworks, and for most of us. ..time spent with loved ones helping to celebrate. I’m sure most of you spent the weekend watching fireworks, or setting off some of your own, and grilling out while enjoying a long weekend. Like you, my family and I enjoyed the holiday as a time to celebrate and party! (like its 1999 Baby!!!) To bad I found out my entire family is a huge pack of liars! Liars I tell you! But you know what? I absolutely LOVE them for the lies, this week only!

You see, while most of you are out celebrating the USA’s good ol’ day of independence with fireworks, burgers, and beer, my family breaks out the cookie cake. Because I got older. Wahoo!! This year I was repeatedly asked what I wanted for my birthday and my reply was always “I don’t know!” Until they gave up on me. Or so I thought… (I KNEW I should have suspected something. Alex is ten times more stubborn than I…and Mom, well HELLO she is my mother. Can’t hide a thing from her, except Christmas gifts!)

So Friday rolls around and my calls to ask if I’ll be ready to go out Saturday around 3 p.m. to purchase my gift. I was notably confused, but went “Sure” after a minute or two. That evening I tell Alex the plan and he agrees to the time (which is odd in and of itself because he works Saturdays so we try to spend those evenings together) and then tells me he’s going to pick up my gift that night so I’d get it when I got home. Now, I realize many of you are probably shaking your heads at poor blind Stephanie who failed to see the OBVIOUS machinations going on behind my back, But I trusted in their honesty. More fool me! Saturday rolls around and off Mom and I go to shop. We go by several stores, she even takes me by this antique store I love (we got the kitchen table from there and several décor items) to show her the Kitchen Hutch I wanted so badly. When we stop I note its been sold and go “oh well” before moving on. (yup I can see all of you are MUCH smarter than I am) We headed off to a local store where we purchased my gift from my parents. It’s a beautiful rug but it sure was a challenge getting that in the car!

Mom: (standing outside by the car with the rug) Soooo, how did we plan to get this in the car?

Stephanie: I have no clue. Um, maybe we can just squash it in there?

Mom: Oh I know! Lets unroll the rug (which is a 10’x8’ area rug I might add) and then we can fold it! WHAT?? It will fit in your cargo space that way!

Stephanie: MOM! You are nuts.  Let’s try this first, let’s each pick up an end, fold it into a “U” shape and shove it in the rear window without actually opening the trunk. Then Alex can retrieve it!

This quick exchange in the parking lot was followed by what must have been a hilarious to observe couple of minutes of grunting, shoving, and then finally dusting off of our hands as we admired our handiwork. Not that Alex appreciated our singularly unique skill at shoving a 10×8 foot rolled up rug into a 2x4x5 foot cargo space. But we sure did!!

We finish shopping and finally head to my house two hours later. We pull up and I go knock on the front door so Alex can help us unload the rug. (hehehehehe) Then I walk into my house. Seconds later I ran out SCREAMING “I love you I love you, you’re a Jerk but I love you!!!” What did you think I saw?

Why this lovely hutch sold to Josh Turner (yes I know, blind as a bat and dumb to boot is what I evidently am) from my favorite antique store. Turns out my Mom, Dad, and probably the neighbor down the street were in on this little deal. All with one single goal. Get me out of the house Saturday. See, a big pack of sneaky, stinkin’ liars! God bless them for it!

Alex's Bday gift to me

Mom and Dad bday gift to me

Sunday we all drank and grilled out before playing with legal explosives. Oh and my happy drunk bum decided to Slip n’ Slide! I have picture evidence of why Tequila in large quantities and “great” ideas aren’t perhaps best to be followed by others who have higher levels of sobriety. But we sure had fun!

So Happy Birthday America! I hope you enjoyed celebrating turning a year older as much as I did. What did you do to celebrate the holiday weekend??


6 responses to “Fourth of July Jubilations

  1. Maegan Hebebrand

    I’m so glad that you got what you needed for your new home. I’m quite sure it’s what you wanted too, but what new home doesn’t NEED a china hutch? It’s just not complete without it. And I gotta give your mother and Alex credit. Alex doesn’t strike me as a guy that can keep a secret, and for him to do so, well…kudos! I hope you had a wonderful birthday, as it seems that you did. Love ya! ~Maegs

    • Maegan you are so right….EVERY home needs a hutch. You would be surprised though, Alex can keep secrets…just not normally from me. But I know his tickle spots and thus can torture information out of him.

  2. I think I might have caught on with the Josh Turner who purchased the piece. Sneaky sneaky that family of yours! It is a gorgeous hutch. I also can see why you wanted it so badly. GORGEOUS!

    We had a fairly mild 4th weekend. I had a girls day in Melbourne with two of my friends from college. Sunday Andrew and I went to church and spent most of the day catching up the laundry. Our hostess for pregaming before the fireworks notified us that she had food poisioning and it was threatening to rain. My friend Steph came over for dinner and wine with us, it POURED rain for about an hour. We didn’t go watch the fireworks but we most certainly heard them since our new place is so close to the water.

    It was my most mild 4th of July…next to being in Oxford study abroad and they told us specifically NOT to celebrate for our safety.

  3. Grandma Judy

    Love the hutch and the rug. Lucky you!
    Where did you get the rug?
    I’m going to need one when I have all my flooring replaced in Oct.