Picasso in the Kitchen

Some call it Supper and some call it Dinner, but either way it is the last meal of the day and typically the main meal the entire family eats together. Alex and I have both strived to ensure that we use this time as a time to re-connect after our day. A time to talk about thoughts, plan, ideas, wishes that we each have. Some days we veg out in front of the television, but on those days that’s probably best. Neither of us are in the mood to chat.

However, with this lofty goal comes the pain in the rear part. The planning! I typically cook dinner for our family, in part because I enjoy it and in part because I do not like charred, soggy, or otherwise not so yummy food. The challenge with this is to come up with interesting meals daily. Think about it, even if we ate out 1x per week, or 52 meals, that is still 313 meals I must plan, grocery shop, and then prepare. You would think that in doing so I’d take the easy route and use recipes. I mean I received some wonderful recipes for my bridal shower, plus the Bridal Edition of the Betty Crocker cookbook. (which I do try to use but inevitably end up ignoring the recipe about ½ way through). But instead I choose to forage ahead on my own. To be a trail blazer. To “Discover Meals No One Has Ever Discovered Before, right there on the left behind the pots and pans.”(name that comedian I just totally ripped off….come on the bloke is rather easy to spot after all. HAHA) Suffice to say, I experiment.

Due to all of the above conglomeration and my overall method of cooking, i.e. slapdash way of throwing stuff in a pot and crossing my fingers, its hard for anyone to help me out. Alex will always call or text me around 4 as he gets home to ask me “What’s for Dinner?” (I know this call, the call of a wild beast dying, just DYING, of hunger will only get worse when we have children.) Usually I have to tell him I have no idea. I don’t really “plan” so much as get home and stare at what I have and then I cook. It works. But Alex, I believe he’s started to learn something here because on Wednesday I came home to a fully cooked meal. A meal I did not once receive a call about. A meal I did not scent smoke in the air or see millions of pots and pans lying about as a result of having been cooked. I was thoroughly impressed.

Stephanie: Alex….what’s this?

Alex: Um its called dinner. I cooked. Your salad is in the fridge.

Stephanie (as I open the fridge to stare in wonderment): Wait, you don’t cook. You can’t cook. When did you learn to cook?

Alex (shrugging): I don’t know. I’ve just watched you and I figured I could do something with chicken tonight.

Stephanie: Really?????? You do know this means you are going to start cooking dinner like once a week right?

Alex: Oh God.

So the dynamics have changed. Not too much though as the next two days (yup as in a whopping 40 minutes ago) I got The Text. “What’s For Dinner?” So I will continue to shop and prepare and cook in the hopes that one day again soon this will inspire Alex to cook again. I just hope my dinners continue to be edible as this progresses forth! How about you? Who does the cooking in your household? Is it you? And when you do cook, either every day or not, do you follow a recipe or are you a Picasso in training like me?


8 responses to “Picasso in the Kitchen

  1. Alex has totally blown his cover. I agree – at least once a week now.

    I do all the cooking here. Last night I wasn’t feeling too hot so Rich decided to make Ramen noodles for the kids (super nutritious huh?).

    He had to ASK how to make Ramen noodles. Now that is just pathetic.

  2. Grandma Judy

    I mostly eat Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine dinners at night but add more vegies so it’s “healthy.” Not so good to feed your hungry husband though. Kudos to Alex for fixing your supper that one night! Lots of positive feedback and he might do it again.

  3. Maegan Hebebrand

    Josh and I go into the whole cooking and being in the kitchen thing about 50/50. Sometimes he’s the one cooking and sometimes I am. And he’s a great cook. Actually, he begs me not to take his time in the kitchen away from him because he loves to cook so much. I just wonder if this means that because he likes to be in the kitchen if I get left to do the dirty work of laundry…both washing it and putting it away? Eep. Congrats to a man who supposedly can’t cook. I must agree though, a man who blows his cover of “not knowing how,” must now admit that he can and help out in the kitchen from time to time. Who knows? He may be the male Picasso of the kitchen. And you never know what type of new and interesting meals will show up. 🙂

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