Tick Tock Croc has stolen my brain!

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Tick tock Tick Tock….Do you remember that scene in the classic Disney movie Peter Pan as the Crocodile, Tick Tock, chases Cap’n Hook out to sea and away from Never Never land while the eternal sound of the clock ticks away? Cap’n Hook always lamented the fact that he could not get away from the Crocodile and it was only the noise of the clock he swallowed that gave him warning when he was near. That is how my brain feels lately.

I have spoken about our plans for the future of our house and our savings / financial plans as well. Add into that the “Baby Fever” that seems to have wormed its way into my every thread of existence and its gotten to the point that I can no longer stand to be still. I sleep and dream of babies and money, I have a down moment at work during lunch and my brain flips to those thoughts, and when I get home and try to relax….right back to those thoughts! It’s like the crocodile is constantly chasing after me and he’s gaining! I’m honestly at my wits end on how to stop the insane that is my brain. (Everyone, chant with me “Insane that is my brain! Insane that is my brain!….or not.) And then on top of this insanity is “the blues.”

It’s not something I imagine is often discussed or even admitted to, but post-wedding blues appear to be pretty common. At least that is what I can speculate after reading all the comments from The Nest’s facebook page poll today. And let me tell you, they are annoying! As a woman, you do plan most of the wedding yourself and the day it happens you feel amazing. That day is, as it should be, one to live on in your memories forever. However, it comes and goes WAY too quickly. So now I have a dress that I’ll never where again, but that I cannot bring myself to part with. The question of whether or not my husband will EVER dance with me again…unlikely unless I resort to threats. And lastly, a bug. A green – eyed, polka-dot, rude and annoying bug. As I watch some lovely and wonderful people plan their happy moments of child birth and weddings I am struck with feelings of horribly embarrassing jealousy!

And so the feelings of jealousy stack on top of that stinkin’ crocodile pile of other emotions and suddenly I find myself wanting to crawl into the closet and hide. Unfortunately, my closets are rather dirty at the moment and thus ruled out of the potential hiding locations. I’m trying to be positive and point out that “Our time will come” with regards to children, and “my husband will dance with me” at those future friends’ weddings (or I will threaten him with bodily harm…like stomping on his cowboy boots in my sandals. You know, something terrifying like that), and the money situation is fine. We’re working our way out of debt, we are so lucky to have a house and food on the table and jobs when so many others have so very little.  Yet I cannot get my brain to SHUT UP! So I will continue to write and find ways to distract myself until eventually I have another day on the beach or lake or …. Well anywhere that is utterly relaxing to me. Which as soon I figure that out I will be headed there indefinitely!

So now its your turn….What do YOU stress about? And how do you relieve that anxiety?


2 responses to “Tick Tock Croc has stolen my brain!

  1. I know I stress about money, and if I’m going to find a new job. Anytime finances are tight, I stress about money. And now that I quit my job to find one closer than Alpharetta from Seneca, SC, it’s getting to me. I remember how long it took me last time and that not only stresses me but makes me worry as well. Simply because, I worry that if I don’t find a job soon, that Josh will leave me, etc. So it just makes a mole hill of stress into a mountain of one. I just simply take it a day at a time, and tell myself that all will work out the way its supposed to. I know that’s probably not an answer you care to hear, cause you probably hear it all the time, however, it really is the best one. Because you can only do so much to try and alter things, but some things you have to deal with head on, day by day.