Hi Ho the Merry-O, Adventuring We’ll go!

Our next adventure is in the works! Ok, technically it’s been in the works since 9-12-2009 when Alex and I said our wedding vows. He promised me a closet full of shoes; I swore up and down I wouldn’t sell his Jeep. Then I put it up for sale on his groom’s cake. (just call me Evil…I like how it rolls off the tongue)

Alex's Groom's Cake...because I'm evil like that

Anywho – our initial plan, back when we were young, foolish, and actually at Disney with the super tasty margaritas in hand, was to journey back to the land of the mouse. However, plans changed and with our work schedules and finances it just no longer is possible to take the full week off and immerse ourselves in our inner 10 year olds. (Although, come next year….we will find a way!) So now we are headed to the mountains of North Georgia for a long weekend. We, aka I, managed to find a really great deal on some cabins that are privately owned homes rather than a resort full of people which will be so wonderfully nice. The place we selected has a full kitchen, a hot tub (that was key!), and is fairly secluded in its actual location. We are also going to explore town, maybe catch an apple festival or two, and take walks. Yes its only for one and a half days, but those two days will be wonderful!

As part of this “planning” that I do for everything, including this anniversary trip, I try to write out a pack list and a loose itinerary of our time away. This drives my last-minute impulsive husband slightly bat-guano crazy. Granted, when you consider that he, in using his method, never forgets a single item and always accomplishes everything he set out to do, well that drives the little planner inside me insane too. So we’re even. So there. Thwpp!!!! Ok, back to the planning, as part of my method I have drawn up a grocery list. Nothing crazy there when you consider the place has a full kitchen…I cook…why on earth would we waste gas and money trying to find a good restaurant. Of course, once I had that list in place I thought to myself…Why stop there? I can go ahead and plan out our days. My plan looks something like this:

Saturday: arrive and relax for the evening. Relax.  Cook dinner. Chill in the hot tub. Crash

Sunday: Sleep in. Read. Relax in the hot tub. Breakfast. Relax. Go for a walk, head to town, etc. Lunch. Apple festival or head back to cabin. Read, watch movie, work on personal projects. Relax. Dinner. Movie. Hot tub. Crash.

Monday: sleep in. Relax or Hot tub. Clean. Check out by 11. Lunch. Visit around town. Head home.

So I took my list home and Alex, he just stared at me. (Why I have no idea, he knew I was like this….you should have SEEN our wedding day and honeymoon itineraries. I would have thought for sure that he would have figured out I’m insane by the time our first wedding anniversary rolled around.) And then the questions just started rolling in…

Alex: Why do you have relax as a “to do”?

Stephanie: Because! If I don’t put it on there I will forget and try to fill that time with stuff. It’s how I know to relax.

Alex: But…That defeats the whole concept. How can you relax if it’s a “to do” item. And why can’t you just relax?

Stephanie: I don’t know! Just stop making fun of me. Its how I roll. Great, now I’m stressed out about trying to relax. Because of you. And you wonder why I can’t ever “just relax.”

Alex: You are the picture of irony.

So there it is our next big adventure. Obviously it’s not till September and prior to that we have a wedding in Florida to attend. (I love you Andrew and Gwen…We cannot WAIT to see you both!) And there are the more personal adventures we’re putting ourselves through, but that is for another post! So how about you? Are you more like Alex in his wild and wacky way of hopping on the bus and enjoying the ride? Or are you more like me and my attempts to foresee every single possible outcome despite failing and dropping out of fortune telling school?


One response to “Hi Ho the Merry-O, Adventuring We’ll go!

  1. Grandma Judy

    I’m sort of inbetween you and Alex. I need to plan for a trip and I used to do it to the last detail, but I’m more laid back (or old) and don’t worry so much about anything except what clothes and shoes to take.
    What the heck….if you end up not having something, you can just go buy it.
    As far as activities, as long as you know where a Chamber of Commerce is, you can pick up info on anything you might be interested in and check it out.