Weighing the scale

All of my life I’ve been on the relatively small side (you know, skinnier than a twig and called Twiggy in school type small) and I’ve been okay with this. Well most of this….I did want curves around age 15. Then as I got older, I got my wish for curves! (Just not all of them if you know what I mean.)

So when I recently gained a rash of weight that was really nothing big but freaked me out, I started to argue with the scale for the very first time in my life. I would try all those tricks women do, but men don’t get, like weighing myself AFTER I went to the bathroom first thing in the morning, without  a stitch on because my towel…it weighs 10 lbs I SWEAR! Then I moved on to the walking and the drinking water and the exercising with that horrible trainer on TV who thinks that I’m coordinated enough to Jump, Kick, and Punch in a fluid motion. HA! (this man has obviously not taken into consideration the numerous women in the world who hold on to the stair case and walk in a slow manner as a means to maintain BALANCE not look DECOROUS.) And I admit it…the water and the walking and the exercising is good for me. So I got over the number on the scale for the most part.

What I don’t like and STILL haven’t quite come to grips with is the size of my pants. Almost one year ago my dress was a size six and my pants a size seven. I’ve now moved up to a size eleven in pants and I would assume an equal dress size increase. Then Sunday Alex and I went out to purchase our outfits for a wedding or two. You understand, a guy needs a good suit for several years and a woman….well who needs an excuse for a new dress????So after lamenting my new numbers I went to try on several outfits and lo and behold the one that looks best on me, that is wonderful (AND CHEAP!) was a size eight. Yup just one size up on the scale.

Alex's new suit...and his WONDERFUL smile

So I just have one thing to say to my bathroom scale….

with no batteries!

You lie and so now I’ve fixed you. No more batteries for you!


One response to “Weighing the scale

  1. The batteries in my scale are currently dead. I like it so much more this way!