The Easy Silence

“In the easy silence you create for me…and the peaceful silence you create for me, and the way you keep the world at bay for me…” ~ Easy Silence by the Dixie Chicks

Yesterday I took a day off of work because I’ve been struggling. Struggles that I thought I had under control exploded to the forefront a few months ago when I lost a good friend, a co-worker, and the anniversary of my brother’s passing all hit me within a two week span. As we’ve established time and time again I am a worrier. We are all “worriers” in some form or fashion, and it’s a good and healthy activity to do. (Prevents us from jumping off cliffs and all.) But it appears I’ve decided to take this funny business to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. I’ve surpassed the stratosphere of normal worrying by getting up and worrying, sitting in my car worrying, and worrying about worrying. That last one is by far the biggest slap in the face symptom of perhaps, just maybe, something’s not quite right with my levels of worrying.  In other words, I’ve got anxiety issues…about well everything. Turns out that’s pretty common and its fancily enough called “Generalized Anxiety Disorder.” Who woulda thunk it? A diseased called “generalized anxiety” because I worrying about everything in general. AMAZING SCIENCE!

So I made a call. I called in the troops (aka professional help who I don’t have to pay thanks to lovely benefits that work provides in case we’re c-r-a-z-y!) and I told Alex…”I need help.” Only help, its kinda busy and needs a few weeks to show up. So rather than explode, I took a day. I took a day to breathe….

You have told me in the past that your hobbies are reading, baking, and television are your ways to go and in my experience what is a hobby but an experience you like and that is RELAXING. Since that is something I’m struggling with so much I decided I would spend my whole day relaxing. (and if you could hear the laughter from Alex at the concept of me relaxing all day you would justify any pillow tossing I might have just had to do) So away I went, to take pictures, to read, to wander the antique store, and to lie in my hammock. Despite one HUGE fallback at the end of the day where my brain went insane from so much backlog of worrying that I normally spread throughout my day, I think I did pretty darn good!

So my friends, I apologize if I have not been consistent lately. Truly I am. To make up for it I have SEVERAL fun posts to share over the coming days. Today I have this nifty post explaining why I’m crazy and a neat series of photos from yesterday. Tomorrow please watch out for the tale of how Alex FINALLY decided to get his precious, beloved, worthy of baths in champagne jeep muddy (THE HORROR!). Then on Friday I have a fun new recipe to share with all of you! So keep on checking in and have a wonderful day!

Now for the fun parts – PICTURES!

A small fall

a "flutterby" near the falls

my foot!

Another small fall

Photoshop fun composition


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