Trashing the Jeep

My husband LOVES his Jeep. He loves it so much that if you were to meet him you would know who he was because inevitably he’d be wearing at least one Jeep brand item of clothing, he would have shown u p in his Jeep, and before the conversation was over he would have brought up his Jeep. If I was not there you may or may not hear about me, but the Jeep….you would practically be on a first name basis with it. So to say he keeps his vehicle meticulous is, well, an understatement. So you have to imagine my surprise when he suggested we head down a dirt road near our house. A dirty, muddy, TRAIL of a road.

One Muddy Path

Alex: You ready?

Stephanie: Ready for what? Dinner? Sure go for it!

Alex: No no no, to go down that road.

Stephanie: But…its muddy.

Alex: I KNOW! Isn’t that awesome!

Stephanie: But your jeep…it will get muddy.

Alex: I KNOW! Isn’t that awesome!

Stephanie: Ok. Who are you and what have you done with my husband?

But because I love him, away I went to get my sneakers and a hat. My camera and a t-shirt. (because you know I wasn’t going anywhere near that road without something to protect my hair from the bugs and a camera to record the PROOF that Alex did in fact get his jeep dirty) As we approached the road I made him stop so I could take the picture you see above. Then we went bouncing down the path. After getting stuck a whopping 5 yards down I started to have second thoughts about this whole thing.

Stephanie: What if we get stuck.

Alex: We won’t get stuck, its fine. I have a Jeep. I am MAN!

Tires start spinning up several foot high tails of mud as the Jeep sinks lower into the mud hole we’ve just bounced into.

Stephanie: Uh huh. So you going to push or should I call for help because I am NOT getting that muddy for you.

Alex: Don’t say a word.

We (and I use that term VERY loosely) did eventually get the Jeep out and further on down the trail. Another 10 yards or so before Alex decided that the gaping maul of water ahead of us was perhaps not the best plan. So we turned around and headed back to the house. As we got back he IMMEDIATELY wanted to wash off the vehicle, but I talked him down from that tree branch long enough for me to take a picture.

The clean part of the Jeep

Mud halfway up his wheels

Of course, as he later pulled into the garage I noticed that the Jeep had had SO MUCH FUN on this adventure, it brought home a little souvenir!

A Twig for A Friend


2 responses to “Trashing the Jeep

  1. Jeeps are like little boys – they are supposed to be dirty. They are happier that way.

    I’m glad you didn’t get too stuck. That would have scared him off of dirt forever!