Domains, Blogs, Oh My

Hello Interwebs! How are you? Good? Well that’s GREAT NEWS! Me? Why fancy you should ask because Boy do I have news for you!

This weekend, after a few hiccups and one slight phone throwing incident by moi, Alex and I were able to sign up for new internet service. As part of that I’m also working on developing this blog into its own fancy schmancy “Dot Com” site. That’s right….its soon going to be! (and any of you who know of Jeff Dunham must realize that EVERY time I type or say that in my head my voice goes up just like Peanut says “Dot COM!”) So please forgive me if I seem to fall off of the rador, or you go to look at things and it looks to have EXPLODED all over you.

Its not that I don’t love you or that I don’t want to share, its that I’m a technical genius in training. Early Early training. So I may or may not accidentally cause everything to resemble melted candy bars in a diaper during the process. But please, stick with me and hopefully we’ll both make it out of this insanity alive and drinking Margaritas!


4 responses to “Domains, Blogs, Oh My

  1. As usual daughter, call me if you get stuck with the “technical details”. 😉

  2. Congrats and have fun. 🙂