A Gift Worth A Thousand Words

I love giving gifts. Truly I do – I look forward to hunting for Christmas gifts, usually six months in advance, and to finding that perfect Birthday gift, and even the special little just because gifts. I love finding something that I KNOW will make someone smile. So it comes as no surprise that I’m looking forward to my anniversary next month so that I can present Alex with a special something that will convey EVERYTHING I feel about him, our marriage, and this very special day to him.

A Kiss for My Bride

Except I have a problem….

I have NO CLUE what to get him.

That’s right interwebs I am at a total loss on what to get for my husband for our first anniversary. BUT I HAVE A GOOD EXCUSE! See no one prepares you for this type of gift giving. When you are little and you get invited to a birthday party your Mom or Dad helps you pick out a good gift. (or if you are me, your mom goes into her “fun box” of odds and ends emergency gifts because you neglected to tell her until the day of the party…oops!) As you get older and various holidays crop up you continue to receive parental guidance. Then, then that first true love comes along and the gift giving gets pretty standard. Boy gets girl jewelry or perfume and girl gets guy a picture of the two of them, a love letter, something oooehy, gooey and oh so emotional. Ahh hormones. Then the years advance and BAM! You are at your first wedding, but guess what…the couple has done all the hard work for you. You shop off of a list! Bless those lists full of detailed.printed.instructions.

Now here I am married, with a man who truly compliments me in every way. A man that I would LOVE to convey all of those ooehy, gooey, and oh so emotional feelings to, but with what? I can’t take him on a romantic dinner…we already have plans that involve being out in the middle of nowhere! All the websites I’ve searched for say that the traditional first anniversary gift is “paper” or if I want to go all modern on my redneck I could get him an appliance for all that cooking that he does. (hahahah heeeheeeheee hawr hawr hawr) But traditional is where I plan to stay and since Alex does not read hardly ever, nor does he like poetry, etc. I’m starting to wind my way down the list with nary an idea to be had.

So I’m here, asking…scratch that…BEGGING for suggestions. What did you do as a first anniversary gift? Help a couple of Love Ducks out!

And then they Fell in Love


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