My little Coke Addict…

As part of my steps to ignore the scale and be a happier me, I’ve started to take steps to cull my addiction to Coke. Oh sweet sweet Coke how I love thee.  (I’d like to point out that Alex is standing over my shoulder shaking his head and muttering about staging an intervention….but I swear I’m not THAT bad. No really. Stop. I’m not!)

Coke and I ... plus Alex

My addiction started in college when I was released from that boring prison otherwise known as “parental RULES” about drinking milk and not coke. Suddenly I was in an environment where not only did the delicious carbonated sugary syrup flow all day every day, it was FREE! (well free in the sense that I didn’t have to beg my parents for extra quarters for laundry because I had “accidently” used them all purchasing coke at the vending machine) So it started with one at each meal. Then I moved up to one at each meal AND one (or two or three….you know actually, lets just not count the number of cokes I drank a day its rather embarrassing now that I reflect on it) during my late night classes. And then all of sudden it was every drink I had was coke because water, milk, juice, everything else could never hold a candle to my beloved partner named Coke.

I continued on this vein until all of sudden here I am married and we’re talking about getting pregnant and the doctor goes “You know you’ll have to give up caffeine.” EXCUSE ME?? Never mind that whole baby plan. Coke and I, we have a deal going on here. I do not forsake it and it does not forsake me. Alex, however, had a different plan. Suddenly I was being handed water and milk when I asked for a coke. Now here I am a whopping three months in to my “detoxify” plan and I’m down to ONE per day. I am SO proud of that fact. Turns out if you drink milk for breakfast and water as your “snack” drink you aren’t so thirsty. Thus negating the need for a coke.

Now….now I just need to help my household out with the “nip” addiction. But that’s another tale for another day. So how about you? Do you have a secret LOVE? A secret VICE? Do share…


3 responses to “My little Coke Addict…

  1. Wondering. . . when you cut down on the coke did you lose weight?

    Good job cutting it out though. Pregnant or not, that stuff is bad for you!

  2. I am so right there with you. Mine was Mt. Dew. I drank it like they weren’t going to make it tomorrow. I have pretty much cut it out of my diet for pretty much just water. I’ll have one on occasion, like when I’ve been at work for 6 hours without a break and I’m ready to kill my boss.

  3. @Mindee – Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve lost weight. The scale still hasn’t had a new battery put back in it!

    @Alexis – LOL I need to work on reducing my beverages to more water and less lemonade now. But Chick Fil A is soooo addictive!