They’re Kooky and They’re Crazy…

Are you an older sibling? Or perhaps you are a younger sibling? Or even better…perhaps you are both! Or neither! (You lucky dog you! Never ever had to deal with the dreaded aspect of siblings…Hand Me Downs) One of the strongest ties that bind, at least for me, are my siblings.  Among us I am the oldest and then I have two younger brothers. The next one in line after me passed away in 2006 after a quick and very rough battle with cancer that came about as a complication due to his birth defects. The “baby” (although at 21 years old and a whopping 6’2” or greater, and towering over the entire family, me by almost a full foot, how anyone could classify him as baby is kind of silly. But we do!) of the family is next. As part of that entire sibling dynamic we would lord over one another who was the smartest (me!) or the cutest (Baby!) or the one who got away with the most (Middle!). But no matter the fights…we had each other’s back.

Part of that whole sibling dynamic though, is the protective feeling us older or eldest siblings get for the younger ones. I’m sure all of you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about either having been the protector or the protected. (Yes I realize it can get annoying, but we’re only kicking out that cute guy/girl because they are not WORTHY of you) And even when you grow up and get older, like my siblings and I, that feeling of protectiveness comes ROARING to the forefront on occasion. So imagine my surprise when I log onto Facebook and see this:  [edited to protect privacy and because the baby is big enough to put me in the trash can now]

I’ve been watching this show on MTV called, “If you really knew me,” and it follows an organization called “Challenge Day” and they go to different high schools and try to get rid of cliques and crap like that that’s all over the schools of America. During Challenge Day, the kids break into small groups and finish the sentence: If you really knew me__. So I decided to participate. My hope in doing this is that you pass it on somehow.

Now “the Baby” went on in great detail to spell out how he’s struggled since we’ve lost “Middle” and then he added a comment about how bad its gotten. And that comment made me want to run out of the building, hop in my car, and drive to wherever he is just so I could hug him. Just so I could say how very very much I LOVE him. Because as siblings, we want to be there in the worst of times even if we aren’t or don’t want to be there in the everyday times. I know some of you out there have struggles with their siblings, Alex for one, because you have been so kind as to SHARE that info. So in honor of my sibling and his strength to tell the world I think I will take a moment to meet his “Challenge” from above.

Will you join me? I hope so because I know I have people who check this blog out and when I feel like I’m talking to myself I feel very silly.  You can comment here or in your blog or wherever, but please, if you are willing to share, leave a comment letting us all know where we can view your response to this Challenge.

If you Knew Me…

You would realize how hard I struggle each day with fears and anxiety and worry over even the smallest tasks.

You would know who gave me the nickname Sparkles, and how very fitting that name is (HOLLA to all my 4th of July birthday pals!)

How weird I am feeling right now because I’m wondering if people will actually reply to this or if this will be another talking to air post.

How much I’d love a cup of coffee…in fact….I may go get one. YES! Check one off my list.


2 responses to “They’re Kooky and They’re Crazy…

  1. If you knew me . . .
    you’d know that I don’t know what the heck I’m doing. Each year that passes only highlights how much I DON’T know.

    Also? You’d bring me dessert because you know I’d love it. 🙂