In the still of the night…

One of my favorite times of day is early morning on a weekend.

WHAT? AM I CRAZY?!? What about sleeping in??

Oh yes I hear your questions and concerns, but its true! Sunday is the single day during our entire week that neither Alex nor I have an alarm going off. So while part of me wishes I could be asleep in bed with him, quite frankly I’d be bored to tears.  Instead, I get up and I have a few moments of peace and calm to myself. No need to do the dishes or run the vacuum. No need to scrub or clean anything…just me, my book (or in this case laptop) and a nice cup of coffee. Ahhh bliss!

Plus, when you think about it I can get SO MUCH DONE early in the morning. I can grocery shop and there will be no on there. I LOVE THAT! I can go take photos, because hey….early morning light is great for that. In fact, that’s what I’d be doing right now except for one teeny tiny detail. Its so wet outside I think I might drown first. Right now its pure humidity, but oh the rain is sitting over us. If only it would drop.

Other fun things to do early in the morning:

1. exercise …. BEFORE you lose your drive.

2. right a list of the to-do’s for the day, that way you won’t forget anything and you feel very accomplished

3. relax (like I am!) before your day gets crazy

4. take a moment for self reflection

5. get those pesky chores done that are quiet and that are usually much more fun the lower the amount of people around

6. balance your checkbook – ok maybe not so much fun, but if you do this chore in the morning you’ll know what you actually have to spend rather than doing it at the end of the day and going oh no about what you did spend.

What about you? I know I’m probably in the rarity here, what with my love of getting up at 6 a.m. or earlier on a weekend let alone the day the alarm doesn’t go off. Still, I’m curious…what is your favorite time to get up and why?


2 responses to “In the still of the night…

  1. I enjoy mid morning get ups. I hate the super early hustle and bustle of everyone trying to be at work by 8. I loved getting up at 9 or 10 and knowing that the mad morning rush of insanity was over by the time I needed to be on the road to work. Now, I enjoy getting up earlier, due to Josh getting up at 6:45 or earlier to be at work (gotta love those early bird mechanics!) but I also enjoy having the evening times off. I didn’t get to see Josh often at all while working at Visionworks and then commuting back to South Carolina. But now (keep your fingers crossed and me definitely in your prayers for getting this job!!!) hopefully, if I get this job, I will have my weekends and evenings free to catch up with my sweetie, read, do laundry and cook/clean (depending on who cooked that night). So…I guess, I just enjoy each day as it comes and we’re never guaranteed tomorrow, so might as well enjoy each day from start to finish.