Outside the In

We have a problem. A stinky, annoying, putting us at our wit’s end problem.  And we know exactly who to blame…

Culprit #1

Culprit #2

Yup. Our babies. Our loves. Our stinky cats.  Our issue is fairly simply, we have two litter boxes (one for each cat) and we’ve placed both of them in two separate and private locations. We scoop them daily and empty them completely twice a week. Yet, despite all of the above, one of the  two little buggers INSISTS on hanging his tooshie OUT of the box when going #2. (oh my . . .yes I just went there. Avert your eyes it gets worse) So now we not only have to scoop the box, but we have to WIPE the POO off the floor. And we have no idea what to do!

So far we’ve contemplated, bigger boxes, new location (this is a whole other issue….), new litter, …. are we missing anything? Do any of you have ANY ideas?

On top of all this we are torn. Torn on where to put these boxes. We have a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom house. Right now the spare bathroom is the bathroom all guests use and where one box is located. Our office is also the room where one box is, but this will also be our future baby room. The guest bedroom has not yet been invaded by the sanctimonious smell of cat litter. We have no spare closets that can hold a litter box and no laundry room either. In our old place both boxes were right beside one another and we NEVER had a problem with urinating (told you it was gonna get worse) or defecating (oh my gosh there I go again) outside of the box. However, here we have on “good” place to put their boxes short of the living room or kitchen.

So I’m here tonight, asking for your advice. Anyone got any ideas?


5 responses to “Outside the In

  1. Call Alexis! She had this same problem with Neona.

  2. Maybe get the covered kind of boxes to make it harder to hang over the side?

    Cats are so weird. 🙂

  3. What I did was get the ones with the lid an take the lid off. The sides are higher and it should help get them in the center of the box. After that I’m not sure what would help. It is possible they are going next to the box instead of hanging over. At Petsmart they sell “Cat Attract” litter and that may help as well.