Alex on the Latch system

In the midst of all of our talking last night, I brought up the Latch system. Alex’s reply was both funny and heart-warming.

Stephanie: Alex, do you know about the Latch system? It says it should be in my Jeep, but where?

Alex: Um huh? What is it?

A quick flurry of Google searching resulted in info regarding WHAT the system was, but not WHERE the system would be in my vehicle. So Alex headed out to the car.

Alex: Come here babe…I found it for you. See you install it here and here, and then the back one is here.

Stephanie: Awesome – thank you for checking this out. Come back in Dinner is done.

We went back inside and instead of grabbing dinner, Alex heads immediately to the computer. Here is where it got very cute…

Alex: You know I don’t have that system in m Jeep. But look, here it says they make a kit that can be installed in the vehicle for really low pricing or even free.

Stephanie: Babe, thats fine the system is just an additional measure of safety. You don’t have to have it. No big deal.

Alex: No. Its safety. Its important and I will get it installed. Just like we did child locks. Safety is important and we are not skimping on this.

Stephanie: mmmmmmm. Alright.

Alex: Look here is the kit. I’ll call Mark at the dealership about this tomorrow. I want to know the pricing and everything.



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