Shhh! My anniversary gift…

I have spent the past couple of Saturdays working on Alex’s anniversary gift because this is the only day he isn’t home, but I am! Since I’m building him a picture in Photoshop I thought I’d share some of what I have so far….you’ll see the whole she-bang after he does. 🙂 Ever week I will post a little bit more, so keep checking for more hints of the big picture. And now, without further ado…

Part 1:

And now I need to run because Alex should be heading home soon and I don’t want him to see even an inkling of what his gift is!


4 responses to “Shhh! My anniversary gift…

  1. I have no idea what “building a picture in Photoshop” means. But I love THAT picture. Also? Gorgeous dress!

  2. Aww thanks Mindee! Wait till you see the rest of them. And building a picture will make a ton more sense after 9-12-10!

  3. Grandma Judy

    I guess Alex doesn’t “do” Facebook? So he won’t see what you are planning for your anniversary……..