The Definition of Normal

Last night as we were watching television and preparing dinner (yes, we are THAT couple….I can’t help that my kitchen rather conveniently opens into the living room in such a manner that the t.v. is easily viewable) Alex looked at me and remarked “We are boring. We are that boring couple. We come home, we eat, we watch t.v., and we go to bed. How did we get here?”

I started to laugh this statement off before realizing that Holy Cow! He was right! We ARE Boring. Ugh, How lame. We come home, we cook and eat dinner, and depending on the day we do chores or play a video game on our Wii. (mental note….must show everyone a picture of Alex swinging FULL OUT at Wii baseball) Then, I remembered a conversation that I had Saturday with L while she and D were over for dinner.

She and I conversed about how Alex and I feel we are boring, except when comparing notes the stuff we do at night is the SAME AS THEM! So either we are a whole bunch of boring OR we are NORMAL. As that memory coalesced in my brain I was able to look at Alex and declare proudly “No we aren’t. We’re normal!” To which he then laughed manically at the thought that we might be normal. I was forced to agree.

Point is . . .for some really weird reason, Alex and I had gotten it into our heads that we should be Exciting! Adventurous! Busy! Involved! every single night of our lives. (Which just sounds exhausting to me….but then again, I’m boring in my normalcy remember?) And being busy every night is just not feasible, monetarily or physically. We have a house. We have jobs. We have a relationship that at some point needs a break. We are trying to cut back on eating out to save money, especially as we have some future trips planned soon. So our nights after work have been reduced to coming home and doing the everyday, and we are both struggling with that.

Our problem is, we are in a rut. When you are in school you have homework that you are supposed to do when you get home. When you grow up you don’t have homework and since we don’t have kids yet, well the television takes up our time. So tonight we are going to try to work on our hobbies. Model Jeeps (who ever would have guessed . . .a Jeep!) for Alex to build and custom paint. Photography for myself. Neither of us have a lot of confidence in our respective skills for our hobbies, but how on earth will we get better if we don’t try, try, try! Still, its nice to know we are not the only couple out there who struggles with this. Dating and getting to know one another is such an exciting time, and when you get engaged you remain active trying to plan out your wedding. Then suddenly BAM! you are a newly-wed and money is tight, you are adjusting to each other, and the everyday becomes …. well … normal. So you have to encourage yourself and each other to indulge in those little hobbies. Otherwise you might just sick and tired of the normal, and that is just no fun.

So what do YOU do in your every day routine? And what do YOU do to shake it up a bit? Please comment and share! And a special shout out to my lurkers…I lurv you in your lurky lurkiness!


5 responses to “The Definition of Normal

  1. Grandma Judy

    I think the “normal” plan is to work all day, come home and fix dinner, then watch TV during the week. (you could go for a walk every evening!)
    **Plan something special on one day of the weekend so you can look forward to it.
    I always have something planned like a movie, shopping, or a trip so I can look forward to it—even if it’s months ahead. It makes the mundane everyday stuff tolerable.

    • Well I know we are both desperately looking for to our trip to a couple of friends’ wedding next week and our trip to the cabin for our anniversary the weekend after. Small trips but definitely anticipated!

  2. Oh my goodness, we are BEYOND boring. I’d love to be more interesting, but it takes so much thought and energy. 😉

    I’m hoping to be one of those people who, once their kids leave the nest, turns out to be more interesting than anyone ever thought!

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