Ladies Night!

Wow so better late than never right? Oh I sure hope so because this time I’ve got a really good excuse and its’ NOT “The dog ate my blog post.”

Because we don’t have a dog. Which would help. A lot.

Nope, tonight I was out with my Momma. I consider myself lucky to call her a friend in addition to my Mother. I also consider myself incredibly lucky to not only live close enough to her that we can randomly call each other up and go “You want to grab a coffee?” (not that this evening was random, as it was in fact planned. Two days ago. We are busy women….well, SHE is a busy woman. I’m boring, remember?) but also to be able to have FUN while we are out together. We always laugh when we visit.

As a teenager I can honestly say that not only would I have NEVER predicted that I would hang out with my Mom, but I also would never in a million years have guessed I would voluntarily lived within 5 miles of her. But I do and you know what? It’s great. Those awkward teen years were tough because I, in all my infinite wisdom, knew everything there was to know. And my mom, well she knew just what I was full of and how full of it I was. (Plus, it sure makes holiday travel a snap!) In all seriousness though, as I read over Mindee’s blog and Katie’s blog about their relationships with their children I am reminded time and time again of why I wanted to live so close to family. So that we could foster those relationships, and so that Alex and I’s children would have at least one set of close Grandparents. Not all families are as tight as mine, and that is O.K., but in that sense I lucked out. I not only lucked out in my family, (not that I actually got a choice in the matter or anything) but I really lucked out in my partner.

Marriage comes with a whole new set of rules like who does the dishes, who vacuums your rugs, what your couple traditions are, and then the oft-dread and always dramatized relationship with the IN-LAWS! (Duh duh duhhhhh!!!!) It’s a balancing act for sure, and is also probably one of the quickest lessons in compromise. How to incorporate my traditions with his traditions. In this case, one of the traditions we had to merge had to do with Fourth of July and Halloween. A holiday that just passed and one that is coming soon. You see, in my family, both of those days are birthdays. So it’s not just a holiday but also a celebration of a family member. Alex, who was used to partying it up on those days, was able to recognize that part of living so close to my family meant that we would need to spend those two days with them for at least part of the time. That is the true art of marriage, the blending of families. That an understanding of when my Mom and I need to get out and just GO CRAZY!

It also means that occasionally I’ll send him a text during the day that says “Good Luck with dinner honey, I’m going out!” and I’ll get a reply along the lines of  “Wait what? Out where? When? With who? Don’t buy anything please!” (Which reminds me, you have GOT to see the super cute lamps I purchased tonight. They go great with our bedroom furniture and I only paid $20.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find my cats. I’m pretty sure if I lace it with CatNip I can teach them to eat the blog post so that next time I REALLY can say “My cat ate my homework Mom!”

Beezle and Harley respectively


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