Keeping the fire burning

I love romance. I have no shame in my adoration of romance novels and the writers who specialize in that genre. I have no qualms in admitting I love dance shows, love sappy movies, and when Alex makes a special gesture it truly sends my heart a-quiver.

(Although right now the noise he’s making on our t.v. box with our previously recorded programs is driving me crazy enough that I’d like to THROW this romance at his head!)

Still I have a manly man. He handles the bugs, the cars, the lawn, and anything that results in my potential to get sweaty and icky. He also handles the laundry because I have a tendency to forget what I was doing and leave clothes in the washer. Oops!

So it is rare for him to take a step forward and do something romantic and sweet. Most of the time I have to blatantly ASK for flowers or a card. Heck, I’ve even had to wrangle a promise out of him that he will dance with me JUST ONCE at the wedding we are attending this weekend. And he said yes….because our anniversary is next week.

So when all of the above takes place, I have to admit coming home to these just made my heart sigh. I love that man.

Men – Do this for your women occasionally, you’d be surprised what a little gesture like a handful of flowers can solve. Unless they are allergic.

Then you are just mean.

Unless they are plastic. Now you are back to sweet.

Either way, flowers solve a LOT of issues. Even if it’s technically her fault. Not that it would be, because nothing ever is. Am I right? Oh we know I am.


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