Let’s FALL in love..

I love fall. (And summer. And spring. Ok pretty much anything where the average daily temp is not below 65 degrees F, but Fall is my favorite.) I love all the things there are to do in my part of town. I love the colors on the trees. I love the clothes we get to wear too. There is nothing quite as comfy to me as a good pair of blue jeans, a tank top, and socks. Then as it gets a little cooler tossing on a super cute sweater. LOVE IT! Plus fall is such an exciting time for me this year.

Georgia Fall

This fall we have plans to go to some cabins up in North Georgia where I will take fun photos.

Avenair Cabin Rentals in N. GA

We will go to the apple orchard to pick apples so I can make my super delicious apple pie.

I am sure we’ll go get lost in a Corn Maize.

Cagle's Dairy Farm Corn Maize

We’ll get to see family again at some point, I hope!, and Alex will venture off by himself to Indiana. I get to decorate our house instead of our apartment. Which means less fear about putting holes in the walls and decorations outside. Plus, we get to celebrate 2 weddings AND our very first wedding anniversary. (Seriously? It’s been a year? Time has absolutely FLOWN by us.)

Speaking of weddings – tomorrow we fly south to Sunny, Hot, not so fall-like Florida for a wedding celebration. I am looking for to every aspect of this adventure except the airport. I don’t know about you, but I am just not one for large crowds of anxious, stressed, and overly eager people who are all ready to be on their way FIRST! I’ve done everything I can to ease our travel by checking us in for our flight online, checking our luggage online (OMG those baggage fees about killed me, but I don’t know how else to get shampoo, conditioner, soap, razors, sunscreen, and meds down there for two people when we are so limited), and pre-planning where we will park. I’ve earmarked alternate routes and we are even leaving early to get to the airport. So at this point I have no idea how else to streamline this. Does anyone out there have good travel tips for the slightly inexperienced flier? Any ideas on what can help us move quickly through the busiest & largest in terms of number of passengers international airport in the US?

**All images are found through Google Image Search engine, as I’m lame and didn’t take enough pictures last year.

2 responses to “Let’s FALL in love..

  1. I fly all the time and it’s fairly easy if you just relax and don’t try to “control” everything. The worst thing on a plane is a non-stop crying baby. The next worst is a smelly heavy-set person sitting next to you and hogging the armrests, etc.
    For a trip 2 weeks or less, you can get shampoo and all the other liquids in a ziplock bag easily. 3 oz. is more than you think. Most cosmetics are 2 oz.
    I try to put my makeup in the suitcase (cosmetic bag wrapped in a plastic bag, just in case….)
    If you run out of something, you can always buy it at the nearest drug store.

    • Its not so much the “control” the plane aspect as I’ve seen WAY to many movies where the plane crashes into the ocean, the building, the end of the bloody runway. Plus Alex isn’t a big “help” either when it comes to riding in a plane. He just makes fun of me!