What a (spot)light Part 2!

Do you remember part one of this post?


That is O.K. I’ll give you the gist of it right now: Sweet Pea over at Newlyweds has a feature on me and my blog today! So go check it out and remember to check back in later this afternoon when I show you how very disorganized organized I am for this vacation.

And for all you visitors from Sweet Pea’s blog I just want to say HI!!! (I am waving right now, but you can’t see it because we are looking at our computer screens. My cats probably think I’m really silly right now. But I don’t care. Because I want to wave HI!!!!!!!)


6 responses to “What a (spot)light Part 2!

  1. Your so sweet, thanks for the interview. *waving back at ya*

  2. You two are so cute!