Part Three of The Gift

WHEW! Who knew going out-of-town was so dang hard?

I don’t know about you, but when I go out-of-town I like to get all those little chores done ahead of time. I want to make sure my bed is made with fresh sheets so that when I come home its a refreshing place to collapse from all of the fun we had. Then I want to make sure my trash is out, my fur-babies are all taken care of, the dishes done AND put away, and most importantly to me…that ALL the laundry is done. What fun is it to come home knowing you have to do dirty laundry from your trip and from the days leading up to it as well? YUCK!

So I’ve done the dishes, I changed the bed, I’ve washed the laundry, I’ve packed, I’ve gone to the store to get stuff we forgot, gone to my parents’ house to get stuff they forgot, and now I’m cleaning out the car. Well….after posting this little ditty first.  (Seriously, my parents called me at 7 a.m. to let me know that Oopsies they forgot their outfits to wear to the wedding. You know…the whole reason we all have an excuse to go on vacation?? So I’m sure the people at the airport are gonna wonder why we now have two suits and two dresses in two different sizes each.)

While we are gone I’ll be unable to post, but I promise to take lots of pictures to share what all we did on this little adventure! I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful, fun, and SAFE Labor Day Weekend! However, in the meantime here is Part Three of Alex’s anniversary gift. Next week you’ll get to see the whole she-bang all put together!

Oh Yes We Did


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    Love it! Have a great time on your trip x