Our Floridian Adventure part two

Woo hoo its time for part two! You can check out Part One of this adventure here if you missed out.

Sunday started bright and early for us…and I do mean EARLY. My dad and I decided the night before that we would like to get up and see the sun rise. So at six a.m. we exchanged a few texts confirming each other were up and headed out to the dock. Oddly enough, my texts woke Alex. (which is very rare…man normally sleeps through THREE alarms on any given day.) So he decided to join us down at the docks.

After watching an AMAZING sunrise we all grabbed breakfast down at Jan’s Cafe again before going for a drive. Turns out where we were vacationing is the same place my mom used to go as a teen AND where my grandfather helped build a nuclear power plant, so we jaunted up the coast just enjoying the day.

That evening we went off to celebrate the wedding of A (him) and G (her). It was wonderful and sweet and everything I wish it could have been for them. We were so glad we were there to celebrate.

At the reception I had a blast dancing my toes off and even managed to get Alex to dance with me. I know we have pictures of that somewhere, but it sure isn’t in my photo set. HOWEVER, I did manage to snap a picture of an event so rare….so unusual…that well, we had to have picture proof to PROVE it even happened.

My Dad danced!

The reception was pretty much the end of our night. Sadly that meant we had to wake up and head home the next day. BOO!!! However, before we packed up the convertible with our bags everyone headed down to the beach one last time. We were able to pick up some beautiful shells, take some fun photos, and in general enjoy our last few moments on “vacation” before heading our separate ways once again. My parents to their bike and the long ride home along with a brief stop to see more family. Alex and I to the airport where we would fly home.

Unfortunately this vacation has made me LONG for another one. Good news is this weekend we’ll be headed to the mountains and next year who knows? I think this time we may head out on a cruise ship. What about you? What is your ideal vacation?


4 responses to “Our Floridian Adventure part two

  1. How fun, love the wedding and beach pictures.

    Hmmm, my ideal vacation is sitting on the mexican riveria beach at a resort sipping mai tai’s.

  2. Definitely have my sights set on a cruise, maybe, someday, but definitely!