From My Heart to His

Do you take time to surprise your spouse with special treats? Perhaps you are the one being surprised? Do you do it for special occasions only or more often?

As part of our upcoming anniversary Alex and I came up with a new tradition we will be starting in our little family. Every year for our anniversary we’re going to write each other a letter. Those letters will then be kept safe in an album for us to review on our bad days, or for future children, etc to have if they want in years to come. It will also serve as reminder of everything good and everything we’ve overcome each year we are together.

No, our gift idea is not diamonds or Jeep parts, worth money and really takes only a minimal amount of time, but they are from the heart. Well hopefully from the heart and not pulled off the internet!!! (Although man, that might be a great business venture. Personalized love letters…just answer these 5 questions. And Boom you have a letter!)

Still, after writing a letter I started to think to myself how very little Alex asks for and I wanted to give him something more. So I hemmed and I hawed about what to do. A Jeep part wouldn’t work because I’d have to ask him what to buy. This would totally kill the “surprise” plan.  A special meal out, while nice, isn’t all that special for us yet. So then I thought about something that would last and last, plus would be unique. So I took our wedding photos out and I flipped through them. I found the ones that are super special and uniquely “us” in that moment. I took our handwritten wedding vows and I transformed those. I took all of those things and I made one large photo that Alex can put on the wall or in his drawer, either one is fine with me, and on Sunday morning I’m going to present him with this gift.

It’s made of paper, which is fitting for a traditional first anniversary gift, but it’s also a little more. It’s our beginning put to paper forever. I’m so excited because it’s rare for me to be able to surprise Alex. I’ll try to take a picture of his face and share it with everyone on Monday. Tomorrow I will post the final masterpiece for everyone to see. So be sure to check back then!

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6 responses to “From My Heart to His

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Oh wow, I love the idea of writing letters and keeping them together for the future. Such a beautiful present for old age!

  2. I remember your wonderful wedding so well. Beautiful bride and handsome groom!
    Happy First Anniversary tomorrow!
    Love you much……….

  3. What wonderful, thoughtful ideas you’ve come up with. Love them!