A little hay for effect

The leaves are starting to drop. The mornings are starting to get chillier. The evenings are starting to get darker. Do you know what this means?? Why it’s almost time for the official start of fall. In fact, the “official” first day of fall is next week. The 22nd of September as a matter of fact.

What this means to me though, is that it’s time to change out my décor. I LOVE seasonal décor. I love putting up the tree after Thanksgiving, the Bunny flag for the Easter holiday, the assorted USA memorabilia that joins our US flag for a variety of holidays, and all the fun Halloween decorations. This year just so happens to be different because now we actually own the house and therefore I can put up just about anything! Unfortunately, I’m almost over-whelmed by all the choices. See, I don’t want to spend too much money on holiday décor so I am trying to stick to an easily adaptable theme for “Fall.” One that can go from generic fall décor, to more festive Halloween décor, and all the way up into Thanksgiving décor.

Now I’m doing pretty good for the interior. I’ve got our pretty fall tablecloth out and a fall centerpiece for the table.

Plus I’ve been able to find a great deal on some fun fall – scented candles to help with the “mood” of our house. Oh and I think I’m going to re-use our wedding centerpiece decorations for some fall-ish décor for our fireplace.

So the inside, its starting to look pretty good. It’s the outside I’m a bit worried about.

So far I’ve come up with:

A wreath. Yup that is it. A wreath. I am also planning to pick up a few pots of mums or some other delicious (and hardy because I have dark brown…not green…thumbs) flower. I figure all of that plus perhaps a cute scarecrow or two stuck into an artfully placed bale of “decorative” hay since I can’t seem to find the real thing and we’ll be set for general fall. Then as Halloween gets closer I can add some pumpkins and SPOOKY bat cut outs. Oh and a horrible cackling witch to our front door. (Because that’s required in my little world.) You get the idea. . ..

So what about you? Do you decorate for the seasons or just for the big holidays? Or perhaps you don’t bother at all? I’d love to hear back from y’all because being this is my first time actually able to decorate the exterior of my house I sure could use the help!


6 responses to “A little hay for effect

  1. Thanks for your sweet comment–I really appreciate it, and totally relate!

    LOVE the tablecloth. I never really decorate for holidays and I love when people do–it’s so festive. I’ll have to live vicariously through yours. 🙂

  2. I saw some Fall decorations at Dollar Tree today. Also check Old Time Pottery if you have one.
    Another great place AFTER the holiday is JoAnn Fabrics! Cheap, cheap, cheap. They always have good Halloween/Fall/Thanksgiving/Xmas/Easter stuff. They even have boxes of Christmas cards half-price or less after Christmas. Get big Rubbermaid containers and store everything for next year’s season(s).

    • I’ve actually checked out several stores already, but I’m cheap. I’m not spending $30 on a single item. I think though, if I get to many more storage containers Alex might have a fit. So far Christmas takes up at least 2 full tubs.

  3. I’m not a big decorator but love it at other people’s homes. Make sure you put up pics!