The Joys of Home Ownership

Alex and I saved and scrimped, worked and pushed till we were finally able to purchase our first house this past February. We love it. We’re able to paint our rooms the way we like it, decorate for the holidays, and get some of the fun accessories that weren’t able to when living in an apartment.

Unfortunately one of the aspects of home ownership that we knew would come has arrived. THE BUGS! Since before we moved in here we lived on the 4th floor of an apartment building that had built-in bug control services, we’ve never before needed an exterminator. (Funny aside, I keep messing up what these wonderful people are called and saying “Terminator” so Alex and I have both now started referring to our “terminator services”. . . which for the bugs is quite fitting don’t you think??) However, as the weather starts changing and fall starts to arrive it appears the bugs know that we’ve got a lovely home environment. I, for one, don’t want any additional tenants so I caved and called the exterminator. Today we should have one  guy out for an estimate, we’ve also spoken to one or two other places about the costs and are prepared to make a final decisions. Its like American Idol for the exterminators except there is no singing (thank goodness!!!) or insta-fame like on T.V.

Then, after we get the bugs on their merry little way OUT the door we’ll be working on prepping our lovely fireplace for fall. Because I want a fire in my fireplace dadgumit! One of the steps we are taking to be prepared is getting a chimney sweep to come out. While the photo online makes the gentleman seem like Bert from Mary Poppins, I highly doubt I’ll get a song and dance routine to Chim Chim Cheree. However, he’ll make our fireplace safe and ready for use as the weather cools down.

Lastly, I think we are FINALLY going to get our bedroom painted. I also picked a paint color for the hallway and kitchen which I can do on my own over the next several weeks. So I’m hoping to have photos of that up soon too. I love owning our own home, but people weren’t kidding when they said it was a lot of work! Good thing we love it! (Well except mowing the lawn…that is not love. That is duty.)

Also – I’ve added a clicker to the side . . .right over there —-> about the Flickr page. You can check out for yourself at …. right now there are not a lot of photos, but I will be working on adding all of the photos from Florida and the mountains this weekend, plus some from my new self-assigned photography project. So check it out if you are interested and let me know what you think!


6 responses to “The Joys of Home Ownership

  1. Love relating the bug exterminator to the Terminator!

    Found you on 20SB 🙂

  2. Oh man, it never occurred to me to worry about the bugs. That sounds so unpleasant! But I can’t wait to see the house all set up! also, I sneaked a peek at your Flickr and the kitties are sooooo cute. Wish I weren’t allergic–I think pets can make a place feel so much homier.

  3. @FSUgirl101 – but, its true when you think about it!!! Can’t you just picture little bugs in their little bug homes going “OH NO! THE TERMINATOR” I should be the advertising genius for large extermination companies.

    @Kelly – I can’t wait to see my house set up the rest of the way too! LOL Hopefully in the next month we’ll finish painting the last few rooms. And the cats are great ‘cept at 5 a.m. when they go ape-crazy on us. Literally. On us.

  4. Good luck in battling the bugs. That can get frustrating quickly.

  5. Yes, home ownership definitely has a lot of “cons” to go with the “pros.”

  6. @Slamdunk – oh no, I shall not battle these monsters. Hubby and the (ex)Terminator shall. In this area I have no issues being as girly as possible

    @Mindee – lol yea, but at least I don’t have sugar ants!