The smile in your mailbox

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The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Do you remember those early days of elementary school where you practiced and practiced your handwriting? You’d labor intensively over a piece of paper, pencil in hand first practicing your print. Then you’d move up to cursive. Then you were allowed, and sometimes even required, to use a pen! Oh those were the days.

Then one day your teacher said, we are going to get pen pals! So you sat down writing letters to some strange person you had never met telling them ALL about yourself. What happened to those days of letter writing? Now that you are grown, taking the time to actually hand-write a letter rarely happens. I mean, I don’t know about you, but unless there is a holiday or an announcement like a wedding to share I don’t ever send hand-written letters. (Granted, my hand-writing isn’t the um . . .prettiest . . .in fact it’s pretty bad when I rush. Hence the lack of hand-written notes. I’m embarrassed!)

In this day and age, technology is the way to communicate. I send emails all day long, we share in Facebook, Twitter (Ok . . I haven’t hopped on this band wagon yet. Should I? Would you even care? Would you follow? Vote below if I should create a twitter account!), texting, and most importantly blogging are a HUGE part of how we interact with the world at large. We manage to share so many details of our lives in a personal and yet strangely impersonal manner.

Since we recently had our anniversary, I wanted to get some personalized note cards. So I hopped right on my favorite website in the whole world, VistaPrint, and ordered up some super pretty note cards and their matching return address labels. (Which I love because now all I have to do is peel and stick our address on envelopes. Way easy and super pretty!)

I’ll use those cards to send out thanks for the cards we received recently, hello to the family we’ve not seen recently, and Hi to the friends strangers who email me their address and just want a hand-written note once in a while, Gosh Darn It! Yes, I’m serious if you want a hand-written letter email me a way to mail it at

Now – for the fun part – I bet you didn’t even SEE this coming…in an effort to promote the joy of writing I’ve decided to give away a batch of personalized note cards to one lucky winner. And another winner will receive one personalized notepad as well.

So to the important part for you, How To Enter:   1. Leave a comment saying who you would like to write a letter too and why. This can be any ol’ person from Queen Sheba to your late dog Rex. 2. If you like the Facebook page, leave a comment telling me you did so and that will get you another entry. If you’ve already like my page, leave a comment saying so and I’ll count that too this go around.

That’s two chances each you can get. You have until Midnight EST Wednesday, September 22, 2010 to enter. Then I’ll go the ol’ random number generator and select us two winners. First number gets the note cards, second number gets a note pad.

I lurv ya guys!

**VistaPrint has no clue who I am. So this is no way an advertisement for them, its just me sharing the love with all of y’all!


7 responses to “The smile in your mailbox

  1. I LOVE this! I miss writing and receiving real letters. My first wedding anniversary is coming up and I thought about getting me and my hubby personalized stationary. After all, the first anniversary is the paper anniversary, right?!

    Thinking about pen pals, I would love to write a letter to my junior high pen pal. We kept in touch for a good 3 years. It would be really interesting to catch up and see what we’ve been up to for the past 15 years…wow I feel old.

  2. I suppose I would write to my mom because she would love it and think I was the good daughter for a change.

  3. Hello, I am new to your Website but I’m excited to stick around and read about your fun adventures! 🙂 I would write a letter to my daughter as I just found out yesterday that our first child is a girl! And congrats on your anniversary!

  4. I would love to write my grandpa and his new wife! They are not really computer savvy so getting letters in the mail is a joy for them.

  5. Best wishes with your contest–letter writing is certainly a forgotten talent.

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