A house full of changes!

Ok, so not exactly – as months have gone by we’ve been slowly but surely working on the house. We’ve purchased new furniture, new rugs, painted, accessorized, and in general made our main living space lovely. And then things ground to a halt.

I’m honestly not sure what happened, if things stalled because of money worries or general exhaustion or what since all those ideas I had in my head just one day up and fled on me. Still the other day I was sitting in my living room, staring at our hallway trying and trying to figure out what color to paint it since our hallway butts up against our lovely AND ORANGE living room. (really, it’s gorgeous and I love our living room, but perhaps I should have planned the matching colors ahead of time) When suddenly inspiration struck me:

This bench/storage unit sits in our living room and looks GREAT against the walls no matter what time of day it is. So in the dark, in the sunshine, and in the in-between times this pretty bench MATCHES. Plus, since the color is such a neutral I am able to slap this color up in our Kitchen as well and tie everything together. Which is great when you realize just how open that color is to our living room. Thanks to a very weird wall…

Since we also finally had decided on a bedroom color after running through several choices of green…of which I thought I had a picture, but evidently do not. Fail on my part.

I decided, what the hoot, and ran my little self off to Home Depot. Where I promptly purchased paint and additional trays since we kind of killed all of our old ones when painting our living room. So this weekend I have one or two goals, goal number one is paint the hallway since I can actually reach everything with a ladder in this area. Plus its small and an easily achieved goal.

Hey I’m all about the baby steps here. Hard to disappoint yourself if you set yourself such minute goals!

Then, if everything is be-bopping along I’m going to move my roller and paint into our Kitchen and set up shop in there. I know I won’t be able to finish the entire room simply because the ceilings are at least 14 feet high at the peak, but I can finish all the lower parts and then let Alex finish up the rest. Then hopefully I’ll be able to get the bedroom completed in the next two weeks (or…Honey, maybe you could finish it over your weekend….maybe? Pretty please? With an ice cream sundae of the likes you’ve never seen on top? Honey where are you going?) so that I’ll be able to hang some artwork in our bedroom. Like that anniversary gift.

The best part about all of this is that when inspiration hit, inspiration must have decided with such a long break I deserved several knocks upside the head so I have even MORE ideas of how to decorate and make our place warm and inviting. For that house party. The one I haven’t planned yet. The one we should have had as a “Yay we have a new house!” style party….six months ago. Yeah, that one.

First and foremost, to cover our ugly floors in the kitchen, I’ll be purchasing one of these rugs from Kohl’s.

I absolutely LOVE that store and the fact that this rug is only $15 blows my mind. So I’m grabbing it while I can and tossing it on our kitchen floor. Where it will match our pots and pans, dishes, goblets, and walls. The cabinets. . .not so much….yet. I have plans for this too!

Then while I’m shopping for a rug I plan to pick up one of these wall decals.

Now I know, I know, I know . . .what a trend. However, since this wall is pretty much wasted space otherwise I wanted to put something decorative and appropriate up there. This saying will fit in perfectly with the area and is a nice decoration without being overstated or dangerous in the sense that it could fall on one’s head. Plus, if the advertisement on the internet holds true, these are buy one get one free so I’ll be able to purchase one for our bedroom as well. That will take care of this huge amount of dead space over our headboard.

I rarely feel as though I’m “great” at anything, good yes, great no, but I’m pretty proud of where I’m taking this house. Especially when you consider that when we first purchased the place we started out with this….

From the Dining Room


And we’ve moved gradually to rooms that are warm and inviting. There is really something to be said about putting your own stamp on a project. Even if that project is never-ending and makes your wallet weep at the sight of the home owner’s Mecca. I’m sorry wallet, but you’ll have to just tighten that belt a little more.


4 responses to “A house full of changes!

  1. Isn’t it amazing how one project always leads to another? Looks like you’re making good progress and I like your colors.

  2. Thanks Mindee – LOL although progress stalled again because stuff came up. But stuff always comes up when you do a project!

  3. Be glad “stuff” came up and things came to a halt for awhile. What would you do with yourself if you had it all totally done………….
    This way, you have lots to look forward to all year.

  4. @Grandma – Welp, at this point I think we’d gladly have it all done…the projects are taking a lot longer than we ever expected.